Buying a unique and memorable gift for that special man in your life can be quite a daunting and challenging task. At the onset, you would like to surprise him with a pure leather wallets gift that he will appreciate and enjoy. Additionally, if you can tickle his funny bone, or tug on an emotional string along with this planned surprise then that is a definite plus, isn’t it? The first rule of thumb is to decide whether you want to get him a novelty type gift that will get a favorable reaction from him but may not be practical in nature or whether the priority is to get him something that is practical that he will use rather than simply look at and smile. If you prefer the latter and opt to get him a physical gift that he will use on a regular basis then we have a wonderful idea for you.

Personalised leather wallets for Men!

Wallets are a very practical gift, especially if it has been customized with his name. Most men carry pure leather wallets with them wherever they go. Yes, times have changed especially with the popularity of smartphones and all the convenient methods of payment that have proliferated over the past couple of years. However, cash is still king, and so is his Driving License as well other Identification essentials that he cannot leave the house without. Wallets are here to stay, so please be comforted in the fact that Wallets will always be gifts that will be appreciated, especially personalised wallets for Him.

Now that we have hopefully convinced you that personalised wallets for him may be a good option for that wonderful man in your life, let’s take a look a few things that you should consider before making that final purchase.

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Pure leather wallets for Men

Style of Pure leather wallets for Men

Due to the popularity of custom wallets, you can now avail them in most styles. Take a look at his current wallet to get an idea of which style he prefers most. The common styles are bi-fold and tri-fold. The difference between the two is mostly related to how compact he prefers his wallets, and how folded the currency will be once placed inside. In addition to the folding style, you can also take a look at his current wallet to get an idea of the number of credit cards and identification cards he keeps, and whether he likes to keep coin change in his wallet as well. These indicators will help you in choosing the right style of personalised wallet for him.

Material of Pure leather wallets for Men

It may seem like an obvious choice however material is very important when choosing personalised wallets. Technology over years has improved significantly, and the options that are available in the marketplace are quite a few. If your budget will allow then you should definitely choose a custom leather wallet for him. However, if your budget is a bit constrained, then you can look at faux leather wallets as well. It is very difficult to visually tell the difference between the two. Additionally, the colors that are available in faux leather wallets are extensive. Made from PU these wallets are available in many textures and color combinations. A lot of men prefer faux leather because it is less than half the cost and they look just as nice. It also allows them to change their wallets more frequently as a cost is not a concern with this material. Faux leather does tend to wear out a bit faster than pure leather so please do keep that in mind before making your final decision and purchase.

Customization of Pure leather wallets for Men

In terms of customization, there are a few common options available when it comes to personalised wallets for men. When it comes to pure leather wallets, you can have his name laser engraved in the front of the wallet. The laser machine simply removes the top layer of the leather to expose the unfinished texture underneath, and that creates the contrast so that his name or initials are easily visible. The same procedure is used in order to laser engrave a quote or photograph. The advantage of this method is that contrast is used within the same material to create the customization which has its own charm in terms of look and feels. You can also choose to have his name or initials embossed on a separate and smaller piece of matching leather which is then attached to the front of the wallet. This is also a very common method of customization, and it looks quite nice.

The final method that is available for custom wallets is colour printing. This one is our favourite as it offers the maximum amount of customization, and the sky is the limit as far as colours and themes are concerned. Most companies will offer you ready to print options, and you simply provide the personalization details. You can also print a photograph, quote or design the front of the wallet yourself completely from scratch. This is a wonderful option if you have something very specific in mind. You can also choose between pure leather wallets and faux leather wallets as the base material for the custom wallet.

Service levels of Pure leather wallets for Men

If you are purchasing and customizing something special, it is important that you are able to make that final purchase without worry or concern. Therefore it is important to read product reviews if possible of the particular product that you are going to purchase. If there are customer photographs of other customer purchases, then that is all the better. Additionally, please take note if the company has a convenient method of contacting them such as chat, phone or email. It’s a good idea to send them a question or two prior to making your purchase to evaluate how responsive they are during the sales process. This will be a very good indicator of the support level you can expect to receive from them once the sale is complete.

With these pointers in mind, you will be equipped to create wonderfully personalised leather wallets for men. Wallets that will remind him of the effort, emotion and care that was invested in making this very special custom wallet for him that he will use every day, and think of you every time he does.