Finding the perfect gift for a teenage Girl is tough. What is tougher is finding something for your Daughter or Niece who is not only in her teens, but is also very fashion conscious! Not to worry, we put our heads together and have come up with 31 gift ideas that will put a smile on most Fashionistas.

Magazine Subscription


If fashion is her thing, then a subscription to her favourite magazine or a selection of Magazines will definitely put a smile on her face.


Stylish Case for her Phone or Tablet


There are tons of options available. If you want to indulge then maybe pick up a couple of them which she can match with her outfits.


Signature Perfumes


Surprise her with the latest perfumery, and she will thank you every time she wears it. It's a common gift, but there is a reason behind it.. It is always appreciated! If you really want to make her eyes pop then you can even get her a few smaller sizes of a couple of the latest perfumes.


Personalized Notecards


She will express her style every time she gifts someone. We have quite a few designs available, and you can personalize it based on her colour or design preferences.


Personalized Notebook


Make her the envy of all her friends by getting her a collection of personalized Notebooks. Different designs but all with her Name on it. This would be a personal and very practical gift for any Girl.


Stylish Backpack


Lots of options from a lot of manufacturers. If you happen to know her favourite colour or her favourite Brand.. Perfect!


Cosmetic Set


If she is beginning to experiment with her look then this is a perfect gift. What would take this gift over the top is if you also included the one suggested below.


Beauty Makeover


If she is of an appropriate age, and if the occasion warrants the expense then you can get her a makeover. It will not only make for a fun experience for the both of you, but she can learn some tips, and start experimenting with the Cosmetic Set that you got for her as well. :) (see above)




This is an easy option as well. Ton of selections out there, and a girl can never have too many of these. If you happen to know her favorite Brand, then all the better. If budget is an issue, then you can find quite a few Brands in the Rs. 500 - 1,000 range online. Pick a couple.


Lifestyle Shoes


This is a bit tricky as you need to know her size fairly well. However if done right, it makes for a lovely Gift. The ones shown are from H&M


Cool Sneakers


This upcoming generation loves Sneakers. Let her make her fashion statement with her new favourite "Sneaks"! These are from Puma


Fashionable Headgear


You can introduce her to the world of Headgear fashion by picking up a stylish and uber cool Hat. Even better, get her a couple.




She can listen to her favourite Band, ..and do it in style! Your budget will be key here, as some can go up as high as Rs. 40,000. The pair shown here is from Beats and not only looks great, but is one of the highest quality headphones that money can buy.


Jewellery and Makeup Display


If she is past a certain age, then chances are that she probably already has quite a bit of personal inventory of her favourite Cosmetics and Jewellery. Get her a display organizer like the one shown to help her organize her Room and show off with her friends.


Keepsake Box


Notes, Photographs and Knick knacks. Almost every teenage girl has them. Give her the coolest place to keep them safe and organized. A Keepsake Box personalized with her name on it!


Cute Clock for Her Room


Tons of options and designs. If you want to take it up a notch.. get her one of our personalized Wall Clocks for her Room.


Bedroom Slippers


Cute and full of personality. Check out the pair from Lulu and Sky.


Amazon Show


Although not released in India yet. Bets are that it will be launched here soon. This would make for an absolutely wonderful. Read all about Amazon Show here.


Selfie Stick


Selfies are all rage. Let her indulge in this craze in style with her friends. This one looks like a Lipstick and comes in wonderful pink.


Baseball Cap


This used to be a staple of every guy's wardrobe, however now it needs to be in every girl's wardrobe as well. Pick a classic style and in a versatile colour. Her wardrobe will thank you.


Personalized Bracelet


A perfect Birthday Gift. However this is a common gift as well, so you may want to check to if she already owns one. Many styles and fonts are usually available.


Zodiac Bracelet


In the case that she has one with her Name on it. You can get her one with sun/zodiac sign. She will wear it proud.




An Umbrella that is cute AND practical.. Who wouldn't love it?


Portable Printer


If she is fashion conscious, then chances are that she loves taking photographs with her friends. Give her a gift that will let her print those memories and pass them along to friends or put up in her room. There a quite a few options available, so you can pick one based on your budget.


Bluetooth Speaker


She can rock out to her favourite music in her Room in fashionista style! Once again, setting your budget is key to buying this gift.


Throw Pillow


IS there something cute-er for a Girls room? Hone in on her style, and pick one up! This is a great complement if you are getting her a couple of smaller budget gift, as it is sure to make an impact to her Room.


Room Wall Art


If she has her own Room, then this will simply blow her away. Our suggestion however, is to let her pick the content or design that she would like to put on her Wall. It's personal, so you have to be careful in allowing her to select something that she would enjoy looking at every day. Gift cards from an online retailer would be a safe bet. This way she can then customize that wall art to her liking.




You simply cannot go wrong with a Scarf. Versatile in design, and usually practical in most weather.


Fragrant Candles


A favourite of Girls and Women alike. Get her one, or get her a couple. If you would like to be environmentally concious then get her Soy Fragrance Candles. They will not only last 4 time longer, but are better for her health and environment as well.


Fashionable Water Bottle


If she enjoys her work-outs then she will really appreciate a personalized Water Bottle. She can express her style in School as well.


Personalized Wallet


If she is fashion conscious then she will absolutely LOVE a personalized Wallet.


There you have it. We hope one of these 31 suggestions is a perfect fit for your favorite Fashionista! If you are looking for personalized gifts for girls, then do check out our full collection. Please leave a comment if you have any additional ideas, or if one these gifts worked out well for you.