Buying online is always exciting and fun. But let’s face it, we always wonder whether the site is genuine, and if it will deliver on it’s promise. Here is a list of 7 insider Trust Signals to help guide you before making your next purchase.

Always pay detailed attention the Product Photographs

Do they look original? Do the Photos and/or personalized names look like they have been copied from another U.S or European website? Photographs of people from a different continent along with names that are completely out of context are usually a dead giveaway! :) If a company is not making the effort with original photos to sell their product or service, chances are they will definitely not make the effort in preparing your Order.


Do they have Customer Reviews on their Site?

A company that does good work will usually have lots of customer reviews, and will want to show them off to prospects. If reviews are listed, do the Reviews look genuine? A good way of determining fake reviews is to gauge if they are overly positive without any hint of customer feedback towards improvement of products or services. If you are unable to determine for sure, then check to see if they have an Google or Facebook reviews. (by the way, this segue's perfectly into our next point)


Do they have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Account?

It’s a good idea to visit their social profiles before placing your Order. It will give you an overall sense of their products, customer feedback, and level of activity. You may also get to see photos of their products submitted by their customers. If you are unable to directly find the company page, then try using a hashtag with their name. Most companies will use branded hashtags that are very close to their company name. For example. #companyname. Reading their posts, and comments will give you a good idea of the personality of the company as well. You can end up finding some great Gems as well!


Have they listed their Office Address, and Phone Number?

Companies that feel responsible to their customers will always list BOTH so that customers can easily contact them. It's a little unknown fact to the average consumer, but most E-mail services such as Gmail etc, will require companies to list their Address and Phone number on any and all marketing emails send to prospects. This is done to increase the level of accountability, and to stay away from being black-listed. So.. if it's something that Google checks, it is probably something you should do before spending your hard-earned Rupees.


Do they have a CHAT option on the Site?

If YES, click it and ask a question. In case it is after business hours, then pay attention to how quickly they respond. What should you ask It can be a question about the Product, Delivery timeline, or their Return policy. (again, a perfect segue to our next point) :)


What is their Refund & Return Policy?

It is normal for companies to not offer full refunds in some cases for personalized items. However, make sure that they have listed their policies especially regarding fair returns due to defective products, or incorrect personalization by the company. You should know what you are getting into, before making your purchase. Most reputable companies will list their policy separately, or within their FAQs (Frequently asked Questions).


Does their pricing seem "too good to be true"?

It probably is. It's called "Money Maths". Running a small profitable business is fairly straight-forward. The sales price must be higher than the cost price, regardless of product or service. If a company is genuinely adding value for it's customers then it will not be selling it's product/service at a loss. The only reason a small company will sell for cheap is if their product/service is not adding enough value, or is deficient in some way. You probably should keep away, as they may not be around to provide support or service once the sale is complete. The exception of course are large companies such as Amazon and Flipkart that spend incredible amounts of money to acquire customers.


Keep these points in mind the next time, and have fun exploring the internet for your next purchase! Know anyone that shops a lot? Please SHARE and spread the knowledge. (links are below).


Thanks. Team Perfico