Most of us put a lot of effort, expense and hope into our planned trips that it doesn't hurt to be aware of helpful tips that will not only help you avoid the common pitfalls of travel, but may also result in a journey and trip that was much better than expected. So without further delay, here goes.. From the infrequent Traveler to an absolute Wanderlust, here's a List of 101 Travel Tips that we hope will change the way you travel forever.


  1. Use the Incognito Mode of your Browser when searching and booking your travel arrangement. It's been known that a lot of travel sites adjust prices on the higher side if you browse and then come back to book. If you don't happen to have incognito mode on your Browser, then use a different Browser, Computer or Smartphone when making the final booking.
  2. Read up on the History of the place that you are planning on visiting. It may seem pointless at first, but it can make a big difference once you arrive. Knowing the history of the place and people not only gives you a good background on understanding the people, but will also make you better understand and appreciate all that you will see and experience where there.
  3. Learn some Common Phrases. You will be surprised on how well received you will be if you start greeting the locals in their native tongue. It will also make your life much easier when looking for a place, shopping or trying to order your Meals.
  4. Alert your Credit Card company that you will be traveling. Most card companies are able place notifications in your account if you notify them ahead of time that you will be traveling. This will prevent your card from being rejected due to suspected fraud. This is especially relevant if you are an infrequent traveler.
  5. Travel Insurance. It's absolutely worth it. There is an old saying that states that if you cannot afford Travel Insurance then you should not be traveling. Travel insurance will help in the slight case that you experience any emergencies when on the Road. There are many companies that will allow you to purchase Insurance quickly and conveniently online saving you a lot of headache down the line.
  6. Include the Group in the Travel plans. If you are traveling with Children or other Adults it is definitely worth including them in the plans. This tip will not only result in a holiday where everyone has a say, and gets to do something that like, and you may also experience something new and unexpected.
  7. Keep Room for Spontaneity. This has always been good advice. Don't over plan your trip. Keep some time free for last minute plans, or suggestions that you did not forsee that you would like to see or do.

  8. Always carry a Lock. You never know when you will need it.
  9. Backup Copy of Important Documents. In the slight case that your Passport gets lost or stolen it always helps to have a photocopy handy. Nowadays this is super simple, as you can simply upload it to your Cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox) account and access it from anywhere. You can even e-mail it to yourself. This should include your Passport, Tickets, Health Insurance, Hotel Booking and anything else you may need.
  10. Take an extra Credit Card. It always helpful to have a backup in case of emergencies. Please do put this extra card in a different but safe location that your Wallet and Passport.
  11. Hide Emergency Cash. Always carry extra case, and hide in a different and safe place.
  12. Carry a First Aid Kit. Create your own First Aid Kit with the essentials. You never know when you may need it. It does not have to be very big, and if you are frequent traveler then all you have to do it so simply put in the Bag before every trip. If you ever use something from the Kit, do make sure to replenish what was used.
  13. Always carry a Jacket. It doesn't have to be a heavy jacket, but it always helps to have a light jacket in your arsenal. Even in warm places, it can get chilly in the evenings. If you have a long haul flight it can get cold in flights and airports. You never know when you flight is diverted. Better safe than sorry!
  14. Avoid wearing a Money Belt. Nothing screams "I'm a Tourist" than someone wear a money belt. They are not as safe as you think, and you will be tagging yourself unnecessarily.
  15. Carry Earplugs or Headphones. Most of us to already do this, but it is definitely recommended in case you don't. Apart from being able to listen to your favorite music, you can always drown out other annoying sounds on the Flight or Airport when the need arises. If you are able to splurge, then we do recommend noise cancelling headphones. They are available across several price points nowadays. They not only remove other sounds on the flight but there are proven to prevent tiredness especially during a long haul flight.
  16. Pack less stuff. We always over-pack. It has been surveyed and proven time and time again. We always tend to pack more than we need. See tip below to help solve this issue.
  17. Keep 30 minutes spare before leaving the House. Use this time to purposely remove 3 items. This will help ensure that you carry only what is necessary.
  18. Make a packing list. Simple and common sense, however you will be surprised to know how many of us don't do it. This is a trip for infrequent and frequent travelers alike. Even better keep the packing list in your suitcase, as it will help on the way back.
  19. Electronics, Medication, Toothbrush and spare Underwear in your carry-on.
  20. Use your Carry-on allowance wisely. If you find yourself over the limit, then take a larger carry on, as it will help with the overflow from your main baggage. Just make sure that the size of the Bag adheres to the Airline baggage policies.
  21. Always carry a Pen. You will be surprised on how many of us dont do this. You always need a Pen. Instead of running about last minute trying to borrow from fellow passengers, it's wise to keep a Pen in your carry on always.
  22. Carry a Power bank. They are cheap and can save you. They are cheap nowadays as well. Just make sure to carry them in your carry-on as most Airlines prohibit from storing these in your check in Baggage.
  23. Roll your Clothes. Rolling saves a lot more space than folding flat. Use every inch in your suitcase wisely. This habit will pay you dividend for a long long time. See other related tips below.
  24. Use Packing Cubes. These are readily available nowadays, and can be really helpful in organizing your clothes and saving tons of space as well. You can organize by days, or by type of clothing by putting all similar items in a cube.
  25. Fill Dead space with Underwear and Socks. Easy and simple. Roll them and use them to fill dead space in your Bag. You will not only fit more stuff in your Bag, but also will protect your Bag from caving in if it is too empty, and getting ruined after a few trips.
  26. Carry Dual purpose Garments. These can be great space savers. Pants that turn into shorts are a great example.
  27. Carry Zip-lock Bags. They don't take up space when empty, and you never know when you may need one. It's great for Toiletries as well.
  28. Carry an empty Plastic Bag. For the same reason as the Zip-lock bags. These can be very useful to place dirty clothes for example.
  29. Lay out your Clothes on the Bed before packing. Most of us do this already but in case you don't, you should start. It is much better to visually organize your items before actually placing them in your Bag. It is easier to catch if something is missing.
  30. Leave some space in your Bag. How many times have you struggled to pack your Bag on the way back from a Trip. Where to put all your Shopping or Souvenirs? Be smart, and leave a bit of space in the Bag on your way out.
  31. Carry a Thread and Needle. You never know when you may need it. Dump it in your First Aid Kit, and forget about it. One day you will thank yourself that you had it in your Bag.
  32. Get an Universal Adapter. It may feel like an unnecessary expense, but in our opinion they are totally worth it. You will never have to worry about plug styles and compatibility ever again. Charge away.
  33. Hotel shower caps are great bottoms for your Shoes. A lot of people do different things such as using newspaper or plastic bag. This is another good way to protect your clothes from bottom shoe dirt!
  34. Buy a lightweight suitcase. Why use up your Baggage allowance on the weight of an empty bag. Invest in a bag that is lightweight. You will be surprised on how technology has changed over the years, and you can get very light as well as sturdy suitcases that will last you a very long time.
  35. Weigh your Bag before leaving Home. There are many portable weighing scales available today. The normal weighing scales at home sometimes may not give you an accurate reading as the Bag may not fit on top completely. These scales attach to the top handle, and when you lift the scale with the Bag it will let you know very accurately if your bag is overweight. Why spend your travel budget on paying extra baggage fees?
  36. Pack liquids towards the top of your Carry on. You know that you will be removing this during security checks, so why not place them on top so it is easy to get out when needed.
  37. Use Bag Tags. These not only help you in case your baggage gets lost, but it can do wonders when trying to identify your baggage in the carousel. Stand apart from the hundreds of other Black Bags coming around the Carousel. We sell some wonderful Personalized Luggage Tags. :)
  38. Use a Passport Cover. Apart from protecting your Passport from damage, passport cover also help your Passport organized in your Carry on. We sell Personalized Passport Holders and Covers too. ;)


  1. Slow down. Involve them in the planning. If you are travelling with the Kids, do make sure to ask them if there is anything specific that they would like to do as well. The trip should be fun and memorable for everyone, and this is the best way to achieve that.
  2. Carry their favorite Toy. As long as you have some room in your carry on, be sure to carry their favorite toy. It not only helps prevent boredom, but also adds a level of comfort, especially if they are not frequent travelers.
  3. Carry Snacks for the Kids. Most parent do this, however for the newbies it should be stated. Please carry snacks as you never know when hunger may strike.
  4. Provide opportunities to Rest. Please include time in your schedule for the Kids to rest and snack. You will notice that you and them will enjoy a much nicer holidays with relaxed and fed kids in tow.
  5. Roll clothes. Kids clothes are best rolled. They take up less space. Additionally, you can insert socks into their shoes.
  6. Dress them in Layers. It is always best to layer Kids clothing. It becomes much easier to manage their comfort if you are adding or removing layers. Versatile and layered clothing is always a great option.
  7. Choose Family friendly Hotels. During the booking phase do check to see if your planned Hotel is family friendly, as they usually have more activities and support for the Parents with Kids during the holiday. It can make a big difference.
  8. Check for Family Deals. Family friendly Hotels very often have special activities, and discounted tourist itineraries designed for families. It could potentially make a big difference during your visit.
  9. 1 meal into 2. If you are traveling with 2 children, try ordering a single meal split into 2. In case one doesn't like the meal, then you can always order a second. Additionally, it's always easier to order a second meal in case they are still hungry.
  10. Do FREE activities. Most cities have tons of FREE options. Use them.
  11. See the Pediatrician before you go. Make sure that they have all their required vaccinations, and inquire if they are any preventive medications that should take.
  12. Learn something together. It is always fun to learn something new together. Tourist sites can get boring for Kids. However, if you all are learning something new together, it really makes for a memorable experience they will cherish for a very long time.
  13. Keep Bedtime ritual. In order to maintain comfort levels, and have them asleep in Hotel or Flight try and keep the same bedtime rituals as you have a home.
  14. Visit Bathroom before Embarking. It's not a wonderful experience having a child that needs to visit a bathroom while you are in the Immigration line. Have them finish their duties in the Toilet before you disembark from the Flight.
  15. Fly direct. Flying with Kids can be tiring for you and them. Keep it short. Try and fly direct as much as possible especially on long haul journeys.
  16. Speak and discuss the plans with them as much as possible. It helps them understand as what to expect, and gives them a better sense of comfort as well.
  17. Book a Bassinet. If you know that you will be requiring one, then it is always better to call ahead and book one from the Airline. They can get used up fairly quickly sometimes. Plan ahead.
  18. Use your bag of tricks, and distract them during take-off and landing as these are usually the most frightening times of the flight.
  19. Surprise Bag of Treats. Make your own bag of treats from your local store. They can be a handful of cheap items that you know that will appreciate. Make a game out of it, and let them pick something from this Bag every couple of hours. They will really have fun with it.
  20. Go for Walks on the Flight. This is a very healthy habit, and will help distract them as well.
  21. Quiet Activities. Plan for some quiet time by carry one or two of their favorite quiet activities. A coloring book and pencils works wonders.
  22. Inflight Entertainment System. Airlines nowadays have tons of options on the Inflight system. From Games to Cartoons. They are tons of options available. Check out the options and guide them on how to use the system. You will thank yourself!
  23. Middle seat is best. Having your child sandwiched in the middle seat between you and your spouse is a great option. This way in case you are sleeping, you will always know if they are trying to get into the Aisle.
  24. Have them carry their own backpacks. This is great training for them, and will help you in the Airport. It also gets them excited as they get to carry their own favorite things. It will help you stay organized as well.


  1. Window Seats are the Coldest. It's true. Book accordingly. May not be relevant on short flights, but can cause some chills during long haul flights.
  2. Stand behind Business Travelers in queues. They are frequent travelers and are much quicker than families. Get in queue wisely.
  3. Stay Hydrated. Drink lots of water. Avoid Alcoholic drinks if you can.
  4. Make friends with your Airlines. There are many small benefits from staying close with your Airlines. Join them on Social Media or become a subscriber to their newsletters. They usually announce Sales via these Channels. Be the first to get the great deal!
  5. One-way Tickets CAN be cheaper. It's a common misconception. Do always check if two separate tickets work out cheaper rather than a return ticket.
  6. Check nearby Airports. Fares can differ based on the Airport. This may not be relevant within India, however when traveling to popular destinations, it may be worthwhile to check nearby Airports to see if the fare becomes lower. For example, Washington DC has 3 Airport options. BWI (Baltimore) is usually cheaper than IAD or DCA.
  7. There are many fare tracking Sites and Apps. Use one. Especially if you're planning a trip that is a while away. The App will notify you if the fare drops, or if it is only increasing as you are getting closer. Knowledge is power.
  8. Flexible Dates. Most travel sites will let you know if fares are cheaper for surrounding dates. Make sure to use that option to view your choices if your dates indeed are flexible by a couple of days on either side.
  9. Know your Peak Airport Days and Times. Traveling through a busy Airport can be nightmare. Do a quick bit of research and leave for the Airport accordingly. It is always better to have some free after you have checked in, and gone through security. The alternative is to wait in long queues which is NEVER fun!
  10. Day Pass for Lounges. If you have a fairly long lay-over, most Airports will have a lounge that will offer you a day pass. It may be worth spending that bit of money and get your rest and refreshments in peace and quiet. In case have several credit cards, please check with them as many have free membership to Priority Pass nowadays.
  11. Web check-in. I am surprised at how many people do not take advantage of this facility. Airlines are promoting the usage of Web check-in. The result is that they have special check-in counters for these passengers, which are normally much emptier than your normal queue. Wait for less time AND get your preferred seat!
  12. Use Sunblock. Did you know that 20 mins facing the Sun while on a flight is the equivalent amount of radiation as an hour in sun on land? If on a long haul flight during the day, do make sure to put some Sunblock especially if you have a window seat.
  13. Go the Bathroom in the Terminal. Avoid going as soon as you board. It's a hassle.
  14. Pick up Coffee at the Terminal. It's now a well known fact that the surfaces exposed on the flight for the Coffee machines are not the most disinfected. There have been quite a few reports in the Media. Grab your Coffee/Tea at the Terminal instead.
  15. Avoid wearing Flip Flops. Wear covered shoes. You never know when there may be an emergency or a re-routing. Protect those Toes!
  16. Jiggle. You read that correct. :) Jiggle... When there is turbulence! It works. Jiggling in your seat helps counter balance the effect of Turbulence. Try it. People will not notice you as most are moving due to the turbulence themselves.
  17. Plan your Seat. There are sites like that will show you the seat configuration for most flights on most Airlines. This will allow you to plan ahead and book the seat that is best suited for you and your family.
  18. Order a Niche Meal. Most niche meals (Asian vegetarian, Kosher etc) are usually the best tasting as they are made in smaller batches and with more focus. Try it.
  19. Wear a Hoodie. They are comfortable. Especially on a long haul flight.
  20. Look before you Leave. Stick with this mantra every time you get up from an Airport seat, Cafe or Bar. Check to make sure that you have picked up all your belongings.
  21. Sync your Sleep. This is relevant for destinations where there is a big time zone change. Try and sync your sleep to the NEW time zone. It will help you once you get there. Do the same thing on the way back. Jet lag can be a terrible thing.
  22. Spend your left-over change before you board. Most of us have coins left over after the trip. You have two wonderful options. You can purchase something from the shops at the terminal and fill the gap with your Credit Card. The other option is to donate them in the Airline collection as most Airlines will have a collection that is donated to a worthy cause.
  23. Tray Table and Seat Pockets are dirty. You have been warned. These two areas around your seat are the usually the dirtiest and cleaned the least. Tread carefully. Carry wet wipes.
  24. Keep the Airline phone number handy. In the case that you flight is cancelled. Call your Airline while you are waiting in queue. 8 times out of ten you will be able to get re-booked faster via phone customer service than waiting in the queue. Play the odds, and do both.
  25. Visit nicer Restaurants during lunchtime. It's a known little secret that most nice restaurants will usually have discounted fare during lunch, and expensive options for Dinner. Be smart, and plan your Meals.
  26. Visit Historical Sites during Lunchtime. Most sites are emptier during Lunch. Use this time wisely and skip the long lines by visiting them during lunchtime. Some sites may even have discounted entry fees during that window.
  27. Don't eat out for every Meal. Visiting the local Grocery store is always an experience as you get to see how the locals shop and eat. This will not only add to your overall experience but will also help control your budget.
  28. Keep away from Restaurants close to Historical or Tourist sites. Location, location, location. These places are not usually focused on the quality of food. Walk around a bit, or around the corner.
  29. Be open to Strangers. You have to be careful when traveling, however do be open to conversation with locals. It will not only enhance the overall experience of the trip, but also you never know what new experience they may guide you towards which you normally may miss.
  30. Take Photos with People. Photographs with people are always more interesting and memorable.
  31. Morning and Evenings are best time for Photographs. This is a little secret from some of the best photographers in the Worlds. The natural light that is present during Mornings and Evenings. Use it wisely and take most of your outdoor photographs during this time. You will be pleasantly surprise at the results!
  32. Break out of your Comfort Zone. The best trips are always those when you stepped a bit out of your comfort. Meet new people, try new things.
  33. Take TWO Business Cards from your Hotel. Keep one on your bedside in case you need to give someone the location, or phone number over the phone, and keep one in your Wallet to show Taxi drivers on your way back. This is especially helpful if you don't speak the language.
  34. Use the Hotel Laundry Bag. You can use this Bag that is usually kept at the bottom of the closet to help segregate your clean clothes from your dirty ones.
  35. Don't use Public WiFi for Banking or Logins. You never know who is listening. Try to stay away from using Public WiFi to log into your Bank or any other important account. You can do this in the Hotel, or pick up a local SIM card with internet access. They are surprisingly cheap nowadays.
  36. Spend more time in fewer places. It is always a better idea to spend more time in a place and experience more rather than see more places but not get the most of each place. Besides, you never know if you will ever go back. Might as well get the best out of it in the current trip.
  37. Meet and Talk with Locals. Guidebooks are great, but nothing better than getting first hand advice from Locals. This not only applies to Tourist locations, but also for the local fare if that is something that interests you.
  38. Be in the moment. Don't spend the entire trip taking photographs. Do take some time out without your Camera to be in the moment, and enjoy the experience. That is why you are there in the first place. We are all guilty of this from time to time.
  39. Don't expect the comfort of Home. Expect to see new things and be pushed outside of your comfort zone. This is when the best and most memorable experiences are created.

We hope this list gave you a few golden nuggets that you can use before your next trip.

Happy Travels!