If you have a friend BFF that is soon to be married and are perplexed at the thought of finding her the perfect wedding gift then we have some very insightful thoughts that may just hook you up. We have been advising our customers for years, and have put together this guide aimed at finding the best possible wedding gifts for your female friend for this very exciting moment in her life.

What Should I Know before Buying Wedding Gifts for My Friend Female

We have put together some helpful tidbits to guide you for wedding gifts for your friend that is female, but at the end of the day, it’s important to note that the more you know about your friend the better it will always be when searching for the right gift.

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Step 1 - Is She Living Together with Her Fiance?

Please don’t dismiss this question too quickly. The reason we focus on this is that if she is already living with her soon to be husband then you have troves of information that you can use to your benefit to find the perfect wedding gift for your female friend. Once she is married, she will want to decorate her current or new home so based on her current needs , you will be able to get great ideas for wedding gifts for friend is a female who is about to get married.

Step 2 – Get Creative! Get Personal!

Depending upon the type of relationship you have with her, you can get quite personal when selecting the wedding gift for your female friend. If she is a very close friend, then we highly recommend it. When finding wedding gifts for your female friend it’s always best to make it personal. This, of course, does not count if it is a work colleague. Secondly, we highly recommend that you get as creative as possible. Creativity will always enhance the gift, as well as show someone the level of care that was invested in finding this gift for them.

Step 3 – Count your Coins

Yup, we said it. Stay in your budget! This is true especially if she is a good friend. Wedding gifts for your female friend should not put you out of pocket. The reason we say this is because if you are a big part of her life then you will always be exchanging gifts with each other, so make sure to stay in your budget (whatever it is), so that you can continue the fun and excitement of showering each other with gifts for years to come!

Step 4 – Group Gifts are Perfectly Acceptable

If you and your friends are looking for a wedding gift for a best friend that is female and Indian, then don’t be hesitant to get her a collective gift. It’s the thought and emotions that matter, so if the group prefers to get together and pool resources to get a single gift, then that’s OK as well. Chances are that she will appreciate the gift even more because the quality of the gift will probably get better with all that pooled money.

Step 5 – Personalize It!

Almost everyone loves to see their name on stuff. Make use of this helpful tidbit when searching for wedding gifts for your female friend. We know this because it’s our business. Find a beautiful and practical gift and personalize it with her favorite colors and themes, and then have her name printed, engraved or inscribed on it. There are tons of lovely options available for you to choose amongst.

Step 6 – Try to Not Make it Overly Personal

We included this to throw you off. Yes, we know we recommended earlier that you make it personal, but there IS a very fine line in making the gift overly personal especially for wedding gifts for female. She is about to embark on her life with her beau, and so it’s best that you get her something that he will appreciate as well. Stay away from inside jokes as well.

Here are 6 wedding gift Ideas for your female friend

Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs

This cute set of Coffee Mugs is a very appropriate gift as wedding gifts for female friend. It’s a very unique design, and the coffee mug printing has gotten rave reviews from our customers.

wedding gifts for female - Coffee Mug

Product Details:

  • Set contains TWO Mugs
  • Unique Handles for Each
  • Vibrant permanent printing
  • High-quality Ceramic

    Photo Personalized Towel

    If you’re looking for wedding gifts for female friend that are unique and will make a hugely memorable impact, then you simply cannot go wrong with this photo personalized towel.

    wedding gifts for female friend - towel

    Product Details:

  • Rich cotton, with a soft touch
  • Sized 150 cm x 70 cm
  • Machine Washable
  • Vibrant permanent printing

    Personalized Glass Tea Set

    They are sure to get tons of guests in their new home, so if you’re looking for practical wedding gifts for females then this intricate and gorgeous personalized glass tea set is a definite must-have in her collection. It can be etched with their initials separately, or joint initials can be custom created as well.

    wedding gifts for female friend - tea set

    Product Details:

  • Set of TWO Cups & Saucers
  • Each Cup holds 230 ml
  • High-Quality Glass
  • Premium Etchwork

    Personalized Greeting Cards

    In the case that you are searching for a wedding gift for a best friend who is female Indian, then we suggest these appropriately themed personalized greeting cards. There are tons of designs available, and they are all designed with couples in mind. She is bound to love them!

    wedding gifts for a female - greeting card

    Product Details:

  • 48 Fold-over Cards
  • Sized approx 5.36” x 3.6” (inches)
  • 300 GSM Cardstock
  • Includes Envelopes
  • Beautiful Gift Box included

    Personalized Photo Cushions

    These personalized photo cushions are definitely one-of-a-kind. Literally! They are personalized with her photograph and any custom text that you desire. So if you are in search of a wedding gift for the best friend who is a female Indian, then these are a wonderful choice. We Indians love our cushions, don’t we!?

    perfect wedding gift female - cushion cover

    Product Details:

  • Sized 16” x 16” (inches)
  • Premium Quality Material
  • Brilliant Prints
  • Permanent & Washable
  • Filler not included

    Personalized Couple Mugs

    Personalized couple mugs are a safe and bankable choice as wedding gifts for a female. She gets to enjoy her morning coffee or tea with her new husband every morning. Do you know the best part? She will think of you every time she lifts that unique Mug that you gifted her.

    wedding gifts for a female - mug

    Product Details:

  • Set contains TWO Mugs
  • Unique Handles for Each
  • Vibrant permanent printing
  • High-quality Ceramic

  • We hope this guide provided some helpful insight in your search for the perfect wedding gift for your friend. One last piece of advice that we would like to offer is to “keep it simple” and be “authentic”. If you can ensure that the gift is from the heart then it will always show within the gift itself. Happy Shopping!

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