What's in a Name?.. a Whisky by any other name would be just as wonderful. Borrowing from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, we wanted to help shed some light on the confusion of the spelling of this wonderful and popular drink. Is it "Whisky" OR "Whiskey"?

Following our well received guide on Wine Glasses, we thought we would do the same and create a helpful guide on the different types of Whisky Glasses. However, while we were putting the guide together, we realized that there is a bit of confusion as to proper spelling of this word, so we decided to write a quick article de-bunking some of the confusion.

Is the correct spelling "Whisky" or "Whiskey"?

It seems that this depends on the origin of the drink itself.

Rumour has it that the Scottish spell it "Whisky" whereas the Irish historically spell it as "Whiskey" with the extra "e". The Irish also took this extra "e" with them to America which is why American Whiskies are also spelt as "Whiskey". This has been a debate for ages, and now it seems that there has been some agreement. The New York Times had recently decided that they would refer to spelling based on the country of origin. American Bourbon, Rye and Scottish Whiskies would be referred to as "Whisky", whereas Whiskies from Scotland, Canada and Japan would refer to it as "Whiskey"

Out of curiosity, we did a quick roundup of Indian Whiskies, and you can view our findings below:

Director's Special: Whisky
Amrut: Whisky
Haywards Fine: Whisky
Imperial Blue: Whisky
Original Choice: Whisky
Old Tavern: Whisky
Bag Piper: Whisky
Royal Stag: Whisky
Officers Choice: Whisky
McDowell's: Whisky

Well.. There you have it. 100% of Indian manufacturers spell it as "Whisky".

It is safe to assume that the maybe it is because England adopted the Scottish spelling, which in turn influenced our spelling of "Whisky" when this drink was introduced by Edward Dyer in the late 1820s.

So.. How do YOU spell it? Comments ..as always.. are very welcome.