1. How to remove pesky broken Cork pieces from your favorite Wine.

Ever had a Cork break or crumble while opening your favorite bottle of Wine? No problem. We have a quick and easy solution that let you enjoy every last sip of that lovely Wino. It quite simple actually. If you usually serve your Wine from a Carafe or Decanter, this solution is super quick. Simply place a handkerchief or cloth napkin on top of the opening and pour your Wine inside the container. All of the pesky crumbles of Cork should remain on top whilst your wine will be nicely filtered inside.


Remove Cork from Wine

You may need to stop every 1/4 bottle to remove the cork from the top of the cloth so that it doesn't interfere with the filtering and have your Wine overflow from the top. It is also helpful to have that handkerchief or napkin be a bit porous (larger holes) to ensure the easiest filtration. If you have happen to have a coffee filter, then that is probably best. In the case that you have a Decanter or Carafe handy, then you simply pour into another container. To make things easy use a container that you could then pour back into the Bottle, or serve directly into Glasses.


2. Removing Red Wine stains.




We've all done at some point. So what is the easiest, quickest and most effective method to remove Red Wine stains. Here are few suggestions: a. Based on the location of the stain, a quick method is to pour some salt over the stain, and leave for a few minutes. The Salt should absorb most the Wine, and then you can lightly remove the salt, or preferably, simply vacuum it away. It is always recommend that you quickly dab the stained area with a paper towel to remove excess wine before pouring the salt. b. If you your mishap occurred on your clothes, then one of the best methods is to cover the stain with White Vinegar. The vinegar reacts with the pigments, and immediately after rub in some laundry detergent. You can then launder the shirt or top with hot water, and that should very effectively remove the stain. c. We have also heard the using White wine on Red Wine stains works very effectively. Who would have thought. We have not tried this one yet, but it is said to be fairly effective.


3. What to do with left-over Wine?




Wine that has been left-over for too long may not be suitable to enjoy, so one of the best uses for this Wine is to use it for cooking. Do check the Wine to make sure that is not too acidic or rancid. Otherwise, using it for cooking is a great use for it. If you have a favourite recipe, then we suggest using it with some red Pasta as it adds some wonderful flavours.


4. Chill a Bottle of Wine super-quick!




Having a few guests over, and forgot to chill that lovely Wine that you were looking forward to serving? No worries, simply take an ice-bucket that will hold a bottle of wine, and add Salt and water. Add the water first, add Salt and dump in as many ice cubes as possible.  


5. How to get your Wine Glasses cleaned properly.




Believe it or not, but the best way to clean your Wine Glasses is with hot water. Most of the time this simple task will remove most stains, and prevent the taste and odours of detergent from your Wine. In the case that you have certain pesky stains, then you can always use detergent on those spots, and then use hot water to finish the job. This is a very effective method especially if your Glasses are Fine Glasses. Apart from cleaning the Glasses, it is nice to have Glasses that shine without any smudges when you serve yourself or your guests. The best way to do this is to simply air-dry the glasses upside down. If you tend use a cloth, then very often you may see some streaking occur, or even dry water spots. The best method is to simply turn the glasses upside on a soft towel and the let the glasses air dry. There are also Wine Glass stands available in the market that will allow you to hang the glasses upside-down


. wine-rack


One very interesting hack we read about out, suggested laying an oven rack over the towel, and simply placing the glasses upside down on the rack. This way the air-drying process is even quicker and more efficient.  


6. How to clean cloudy Wine Glasses




Have Wine Glasses that now look old, and cloudy? No problema. One the best hacks we have heard about it to simply use white vinegar to clean the glass. This SHOULD remove most of the cloudiness and make your Glasses fantastic and new. If you have quite a few glasses to clean then we suggest that you mix some warm water with the vinegar in a large container that will fit all the Glasses. This should get them all looking new without taking too much of your time doing it.  


7. Cool way to keep your Wine cool.




This is one of the coolest (pun intended) ways to keep your Wine cool in your Glass. Simply freeze a few grapes, and then use them a ice cubes in your favourite Wine. Unlike Ice, doing this will not dilute the flavor of the wine with water, and it looks hella cool. :) You can even play with the colours of the Wine versus the grapes inside to really add some panache for your party. It will surely be an ice-breaker for your Guests.


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