Nowadays almost everyone has a Passport, and with airline fares becoming cheaper, and flights more convenient there is large demographic of the population that is re-discovering their desire to travel and see parts of the world they have only dreamed about for years. Pack your Bag, and off you go. It’s literally become that simple. Travel Gifts are also becoming more popular. However, with the upward trend of gifting items related to Travel, it has also become tougher to gift something that will stand out from the crowd, be practical in its purpose, and have meaning for the person receiving it. This is the reason why we feel that a customized passport cover may be the solution to your gifting woes and frustrations.

Here are 7 Reasons Why a Personalized Passport Cover will Always be a Special Gift for that Someone You Care About:

  • A passport cover encourages the person to Travel. Whether that special someone is a new traveler, or if they are a seasoned one, they will appreciate this gift as it encourages their need and desire to Travel. Holding their new passport cover will entice them to start making plans and reservations for their next travel adventure.
  • Using a passport cover with name adds a bit of flair to their passport as well as the journey overall. A personalized cover has a bit of style and class that one cannot match by simply holding an unprotected passport in your hand. It also conveys a sense of experience to fellow travelers and encourages pride in filling those empty pages of the passport by traveling even more than before.
  • Passport covers protect the passport from wear and tear. Over the years you will find that passports start to show the wear of time and travel. The front and back will get dirty, and many check-in agents will often stick your baggage tags on the back cover. The experienced traveler can tell you how dirty the cover can get once you remove that sticker. Additionally, the pages and edges of the passport become bent, and your passport begins to look and feel quite old and worn out. A high quality customized passport cover will prevent all of these issues. Handing over a passport that is protected in a nice cover conveys a different message to Airline and Airport personnel as well. They will treat you and your passport quite different.
  • Customized passport holders with themes and photographs create quite a personal impact. If your passport cover is designed in a particular color scheme or theme, it makes it look and feel quite special. After all, it was a gift for you which was designed and made with only you in mind. How special is that! This is especially true if it also has a photograph printed in the front. You can be assured that you will never lose or misplace your passport on any counter ever again. In fact, it will be the first item that you remember to pick up at the check-in or immigration counter. Misplaced passports will be an event and memory of the past.
  • Well designed personalised passport covers help you stay organized. If you are a normal person like the rest of us, you are well aware of the many items that you need to keep organized for your Travels. For this reason, there are personalised passport covers that also include quite a few pockets for your cash, coins, phone cards, boarding passes, e-ticket, and receipts to name a few. All of these items are necessary and important, and this is especially true when traveling far away from home.
  • Many personalised passport covers come with the ability to print a favorite life or travel Quote on the passport along with the person’s name. You cannot ask for a more personal gift. Every time this person will embark on their journey, they will think of the person that gifted them this cover, and start the adventure with a huge smile. You are not just encouraging their wanderlust, but you are promoting it especially if you have customized the item with a photograph, a quote and it’s a passport cover with a name printed proudly on the front of it.
  • If you are going to gift some a personalized passport cover then we suggest that you invest some time and gift them a leather cover.

    Here are 7 Reasons to Choose Leather Passport Covers:

  • Leather last much longer than other materials.
  • Leather is quite water resistant so it will protect the passport better than other alternatives.
  • If a price is a huge factor in your decision then we suggest looking at faux Leather options as there are quite a few available nowadays at a much better price point. These materials have gotten so advanced that sometimes you will be unable to tell the difference yourself.
  • Leather has an undeniable feel of luxury.
  • Leather displays a sense of class to others, especially if it’s a customized passport holder made especially for you.
  • Leather has a certain physical touch that other materials can never attain.
  • There are quite a few patterns and types available so that you pick one that suits you the most. You can even consider getting a few different styles so that you can match your passport cover with your shoes, bag, handbag or belt. The options are endless.
  • Therefore if you are in search of a unique gift for someone that you really care about, then we suggest opting for a customized passport cover, and personalize it with a colour theme, photograph, quote, and their name. Please make sure that you select a cover made from genuine or faux Leather as everything else is pale in comparison.