As one of the first e-commerce companies to sell customized passport covers and customized passport holders in India, we know a thing or two that will help you in purchasing or creating that perfect travel gift for yourself or someone else. When we started on this journey of creating personalised passport covers we were the only ones that really offered a vast selection of designs. However, as the popularity of this product caught on you will now find quite a few companies that are selling these products. With this abundance of selection come the many questions from customers like yourself on how to select the best product for you to use on your travels, or as a gift for a traveler that you know.

Is the Passport Cover for You, or will be given as a Gift?

This is probably the first question that you may want to ask yourself. If purchasing for yourself then the requirements may be quite specific as you will have to consider all the uses during your travels very carefully. However, if you simply looking for a unique gift option then your choice can be based solely on perceived value and in selecting a design and style that would be appreciated by the person on the receiving end.

As providers of this product we have noticed that usually, one follows the other. What we mean by this is that our customers will usually buy one for themselves, and once it used by them for one or two trips, they will end up purchasing the same product as a gift for their friends and family. The other way round is fairly common as well, as they will purchase the cover as a gift and when the product arrives they will decide to purchase one for themselves as well. Either way, we take it as a compliment to our product practicality, quality and service level.

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Are You Looking for a Passport Cover with Name, or Design as Well?

Once you have taken the decision on the end use, the next factor in your journey should be whether you need a simple passport cover with name and initials of the person, or whether you were looking for a cover that was customized with an entire design or theme in the front. Both options are readily available, however, it is simply a matter of personal preference as to which you feel has the most amount of character and impact once you start to use, or gift it. The character and personality of the person should be a big factor in making this decision. Quite a few people prefer subtle and understated personalization, and others enjoy colourful themes, quotes, and photographs to match their personality. Covers with photographs and travel quotes are very popular as well.

The reason for us mentioning this as a factor in your decision making is because the method of personalization changes between the two options. If you are interested in a passport cover where the name or initials have been embossed then you will have a single choice in style of the cover because designs are not commonly embossed. However if you are interested in the style of cover that includes printing then your choices will be fairly larger. With printing you will have the option to select subtle designs that only include the personalization of the name and initial, or you can select a theme that you really like. Photographs can be printed as well, or you can customize the entire front cover as per your needs.

Are You Looking for a Customized Passport Cover or Customized Passport Holder?

What is the difference between the two you may ask? Well, both will protect your valuable passport if that is the main concern. The main differing factor between the two is that a passport cover will protect your passport, however, will not provide you with room to store anything else. A customized passport holder will usually protect your passport as well as provide with you slots and pockets to store other travel document essentials such as boarding passes, e-tickets, receipts, credit cards, identification cards, cash, coins and maybe a pen as well. Each manufacturer has their own style, so please be sure to carefully study the design to make sure that the one you are about to purchase has the practicality that you will need for your upcoming travel adventures.

Do You need a Zipper on Your Personalised Passport Cover?

This again is a style preference. This is a bit of important question to ask yourself if you are opting for a passport holder over the standard passport cover. If you are looking to purchase a passport holder then we assume that you are planning to store important documents and essentials apart from your passport. If you feel that you will be placing your holder in your purse or bag, and only remove it on occasion then you are probably fine in selecting a passport holder without a zip. However, if you feel that you will be carrying quite a bit of cash and end up holding the passport holder for extended periods of time, then one with a zip to safely enclose all your things may be a better option for you. This also applies to any coin or cash pockets that may be inside your holder. There are a few options available that will enable to zip the cash enclosure inside the holder as well on the outside for extra security.

What Type of Material do You Prefer?

There are quite a few material options available in the market. The most common options are leather and faux leather. If the budget is not an issue then we recommend selecting leather as your preferred option. There is a certain feel that no other material can provide. The leather is also much more durable and will look nicer over the years with wear and tear. However, if you have budgetary constraints, then there are a large number of colour and texture options available with faux leather. They are much cheaper, and they look very similar to leather.

We hope we have helped provide some guidance when it comes to helping you select the correct option for your next passport cover in India.