Very often our designers search outside their own minds for inspiration for our product designs. During a recent creative session for our personalized Cup and Saucer Sets we noticed that there quite a few innovative "out of the box" folks out there coming up with some very interesting uses for old Cup and Saucers that were lying about the house. Some are really neat. Take a look...


Wind Chime:

Pretty cool. We're not sure how much this one would chime, but it sure would look lovely outside the house.



Tea Cup Chandelier:

Originally shared by the upcyclist, this is a really neat use of old Tea Cup. Most of these seem to be DIY products, but take a look at Pinterest or Etsy and we are sure you can find one to purchase if this really appeals to you.



Flower Vase:

OK, so this is not extremely creative but you have to agree that it looks absolutely fabulous! Especially when used in the Bedroom for when guest arrive in your home. It doesn't take much and really livens up the room doesn't it? We noticed this on the Shabbyfufu Blog. You will find many more ideas there.



The Tea Pot Lamp:

It seems like quite an involved DIY project, but you have to admit, it looks absolutely wonderful! Perfect for a Coffee Shop, or maybe a Sunroom where you can relax with a cup of Joe and a good book in those later summer evenings. If you really are interested in creating one for yourself, then take a quick gander here.



Sugar Cup:

Cute, effective and no work required. This would work well if you a single cup and saucer of with an antique or classic style that somewhat balanced the other sets that were being used to enjoy the evening tea.



The iCup:

Innovative design? Absolutely! It's a lovely design concept created by Tomislav Zvonaric. I guess it's their take on the iCup? It's designed to keep your Coffee Warm, and connect to your Computer via USB. Kudos on the design. Not sure about the practicality. Nice to look at though isnt it?



Tea Cup Pin Holder:

OK, so back to practical uses, here we have a pin holder for those who love to sew. Very neat! DIY and no work really required.



Candle Holder:

This is nice and easy DIY one. Simply place a Tea light inside your Tea Cup

. candle-holder


Cake Stand:

Really nice, but you better find a good way to keep all of the pieces together, or that lovely cake may not find it's way into the mouths of your Guests. If done right, we are sure it would make for a lovely talking piece for your cake and tea afternoon.




The Tea Cup Planter:

Really innovative. This one seems fake, however if you have a green thumb, and maybe love to grow and tend to your Bonsai then this might just add that bit of style to your indoor garden.


Naturally, we have saved the best for last. The winner of our list of the prettiest, most practical, innovative and of course craziest uses of old Cups and Saucers goes to...


The Brass Knuckle Cups!

Ok, so this product doesnt really belong on our list, and we're not sure that it's an actual product, but it was just too funny to not mention.