Let's face it. Times have changed. We want our daughters to be smarter, stronger, more independent and completely self reliant when they grow up. Therefore, there is all the more reason that we should put in a bit more effort in choosing the right educational aids and gifts for girls than ever before. In case you weren't aware, there is a big movement underway in the U.S that focuses on increased awareness and involvement of Girls and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Based on her personal interest, or based on where you feel she may be interested you can use any of the ten ideas below to find that perfect gift for your little girl. In order to make this article practical, we are presenting ideas that can be easily found on Amazon, or your preferred online ecommerce website. We also tried to keep price points low so that you can experiment with multiple options before understanding where her interests really lay.

1 and 0's

(aka Computers) If she has an interest in computers then there are several options available based on her current level of interest. You can invest in an special learning tablet for kids, or you can even let her start using yours so that she can start enjoying the experience of using a operating system interface. There are also options such as this Intellective Computer With Cd Drive & Mouse which will have her experience a computer that is all her own.


Star Gazer

(aka Astronomy) If you and her have ever peered into a starry night, and had a wonderful time doing it, then she just might love Astronomy. You can get her a basic starter Telescope, to enjoy your next star gazing event. Alternatively, there are many options such as this hanging Solar System that she can put together and hang in her room. Both of these will raise awareness, and will help you gauge her interest.


What's up Doc!

(aka Medicine) This is an easy one. There are tons of pretend Doctor Sets available. Regardless if she has a particular interest in medicine, we feel that every kid should have one at some point in their childhood. It helps them understand the function of Doctors in our society, as well make their visits to the Doctor a bit more informative and bearable. You can even get her a girl-themed set if you feel that will increase playtime with the set.


Steve Irwin wanna-be

(aka Zoology) If she enjoys some of the awesome visual and educational episodes on the Discovery Channel, then as a parent you must support that interest. Along with visits to the Zoo, you can invest in a Set of Zoo animals. This can also be a fun activity for you to share by creating your Zoo environment at home, and by guessing the Names and Sound of each of the animals. There are many other options available as well such as this Bird Educational Set.


Show me the Money!

(aka Mathematics) Lets be realistic. Regardless of her specific interest it always helps to be ahead of the curve when it comes to Maths. Why not help her beat the curve, with one of the countless board games that are available to sharpen this very skill. You can choose from the original Monopoly board, or tons of options that have been developed especially for Kids and Girls to develop their basic Mathematic skills. We also found this Abacus that will help her learn and enjoy Maths at the same time.

maths-if-fun abacus

Hello Marie Curie! (aka Chemistry)

Chemistry experiments are fun! Get her a Chemistry Set, and you can run some fun experiments with her. These sets vary and get more complicated based on the age of the child. Find one that is age appropriate, and it will make for some really fun playtime with you both. They vary from fun experiments that you can enjoy, to aids that help understand the Periodic Table or even Organic Chemistry.


Ms. Lego Master (aka Engineer)

If she is Mechanically inclined, then what better gift than something that will help her practice, and start to figure things out on her own. Lego traditionally does this extremely well. However, there are many cheaper options available that will help spark that interest as well.


There you have it... 7 ideas for science gifts for girls, to help you really get creative and find fun and interactive ways to inspire your little Scientist. Have other ideas? Please share them with our readers in the Comment section below. If you are looking for something not-so scientific to gift the little one, do check out our selection of personalized gifts made just for Girls.