Checklist for Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Finding unique wedding gifts ideas for couple that will make an impact with the newlyweds can sometimes be quite a challenging affair, especially if you are not very familiar or close with the Couple. Alternatively, if you know the newlywed couple extremely well it can become quite a challenge as well because you will want to really put a smile on their faces when they open your wedding gifts following their big day.


What is the best gift for newly married couple?

We have been in the gifting industry for quite a while, so we thought we would put together this list of 6 best gift for newly married couple, we feel they will absolutely love. This list has been created from feedback that we have received from our customers over the years, as well as handy tidbits from the personal experiences of our team here at Perfico.

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6 unique wedding gift ideas for couples are given below:

Products for Home

This idea is one of the more common overall categories, however, if with enough effort and ingenuity you can certainly find something for the newlywed couple that they will absolutely adore in their new Home. Unlike a few years ago when the number of retailers for home goods was quite limited and physical store based, nowadays you can spend a bit less time traveling store to store, and more time browsing thru the countless options that exist on the Internet. In addition to the commonly known online retailers, you can now find and access unique products and catalogs from quite a large number of niche online retailers that focus on products for the Home each with different and varying styles. This category of wedding gift ideas for couple is very appropriate and should probably be on the top of your list.


An envelope with Cash is probably the most common type of gift given to couples on their wedding day. The reason is quite simple and makes a lot of sense. If you are not familiar with the couple, then it is a good idea to play it safe and give them Cash. This way they can use the money for a purpose that fits them the best. Cash is also commonly given if you do know the couple very well. The most common instances for this are gifts from Family. Usually, family members will gift Cash to the newlyweds as they realize how expensive Weddings can be, and cash always helps especially for Newlyweds.

If cash is going to be the gift of your choice, then we recommend using a high-quality envelope made especially for this purpose. You can find these envelopes at any stationary store, and can even order personalized ones from several of the online stores. Using a personalized envelope will save you time from writing your name, and you can simply enter the names of the newlyweds.

The amount of cash that you will gift will vary on a number of factors such as type of relationship and the extravagant nature of the wedding event. If a couple of not very know to you, then a common calculation method is to gift the couple at least the amount that they will spend on your presence at the event.


An increasing category of gifts that we have noticed is experience-based gifts for the Newlyweds. This is certainly on top of the list of unique wedding gift ideas as you can really customize the gift and experience based on the interests and previous history of the couple. The sky is the limit in terms of options as you can book something for them in their home city, or gift it to them during their upcoming honeymoon based on their destination. The advantage of this type of gift is that it truly can be a memorable experience for the couple. There are quite a few companies and service providers that will help narrow down your options and help you with easy and turn-key solutions.


Holiday gifting is very similar to experience-based gifting but on a larger scale. These are a wonderful option as wedding gift ideas for couple if you know them extremely well, and have the budget as it is one of the most extravagant gifts any couple can receive. This is a great option for Parents, Grandparents or someone whom you really care about. Simply speak with a travel agent, or an online ticketing service and book the couple a wonderful Holiday for the weekend, or longer based on your budget. This serves a wonderful and memorable gift that the couple can enjoy a few months post their honeymoon. It can be quite a refreshing break for them post their settling down as a new couple.

Donations to Charity

Donations made in the name of the couple are increasing in this day and age. An increasing number of couples request guests to donate to their favorite charity or important cause instead of giving wedding gifts to the couple. In fact, they will print this kind request on the invitation card itself. In the case that you decide to do this without the initial request from the couple we highly suggest that you do a bit of research to understand which charities they care about and would appreciate your kind donation.

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

Our list of wedding gift ideas would not be complete without our favorite category. Personalized gifts have always been and will continue to a very option for Weddings for Couples. People in general love seeing their names inscribed on cool, unique and high-quality products. This is, even more, the case if details of the event such as the date of the Wedding are included in the personalization. One of the more popular personalized wedding gift ideas is Wine, Whiskey or Champagne Glasses. You can find a large number of options with an even larger number of designs to help you create a truly one-of-a-kind personalized wedding gift for the newlyweds. In addition to glasses, other choices can include personalized Towel sets for the Home, personalized Wallets, or even personalized Flip Flops that they can use on their Vacation. If you are looking for something for their Home, then personalized Clock and Key Holders are always a good option.

We hope this list of wedding gift ideas serves you well, and we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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