We LOVE pocket mirrors! It's such a small accessory, but it really allows a woman to express herself in her own style when in public. This cute little accessory we feel doesn't really get all the wonderful attention is really deserves. Why stop paying attention to design and style with your Purse or Handbag? What about this cute little, and very practical friend that helps you looks your best, that's just waiting for you to pick it up. Although we have designed our own collection of Pocket Mirrors, we thought we would scour the internet and find some wonderful little gems that others have passionately created. This is by no means a Top 5 list , but simply a fun collection of Pocket Mirrors that we thought were quite "neat".

1. The Flower Girl Pocket Mirror


Available at eBay, we think this one is really gorgeous. At $5.99, it's a steal as well.

2. The Love, Hope, Dream Collection Mirror Set


Available via Etsy. They look absolutely wonderful, and they're inspirational to boot! They are listed for $4.99. Check them out

3. The Map Compact (Pocket) Mirror


We thought this one was really unique. The colors of the map really stand out, and it seems like folks at Notonthehighstreet.com will allow you to put a map of your choice as well. What a wonderful idea.

4. The Bridesmaid Navy Blue Pocket Mirror


This one is absolutely stunning. Made by Crystal Filigree and available via Etsy for $29.50. It seems expensive, but it may be worth it, because it is absolutely gorgeous. Well Done! This one seems to be customizable as well.

5. The Tortoise Shell Makeup Mirror


Our list would not complete without a classic. Made from Tortoise shell, this pocket mirror seems to scream sophistication. We love it. Available at John Lewis for 12GBP. Wonderful..

We hope you enjoyed the list. We will keep looking and post another collection soon.