So, what IS a Monogram?

A monogram is a pattern, image or design that is created by combining 2 or more letters to form a symbol. According to Wikipedia, monograms first appeared on coins in around 350BC. Apparently, the first known examples are the Greeks who used them by using the first two letters of the City's name. In this day and age of course, you can see them in use by individuals (see below), or by companies to form their logo. Widely popular, they help creating a recognizable image which is aimed towards creating successful branding

Where are they commonly being used today?

Personalization is very common today all over the world. Monograms are the most common, and artistic way to personalize a product. Here are some example of monograms that we have used on our own products. They vary in looks from being playful, feminine, masculine to traditional.

Traditional: Classic Monogram - Personalized Greeting Cards

Feminine: Pink Lady - Personalized Sports Bottle

Masculine: Monogram - Personalized Crystal Paperweight

Playful: Vertigo - Personalized Key Hanger

These are only a few examples. Monograms are used in a huge number of products ranging from Flash Drives and Pens to more expensive products like Wine Glasses and Shirts.

Is there a structure to Monogram when used by Individuals?

Monograms DO usually have a generally accepted structure. For example, a typical 3-letter monogram when used by an individual usually has a person's last name in the middle with the first name on the left and the middle name on the right. Individuals that do not have a middle name will use a 2-letter which would have letter of the first name and last name next to each other.

What is the structure for a monogram for a Couple?

There are 2 common methods for monograms for Couples. The first is the combination of the first name of each placed together. The second is placing the last name in the middle with the woman's first name on the left, and the man's first name on the right. It is very common to see the man's name on the left and vice-versa as well.

Is there a structure to the design element of the letters?

No. There are no set rules to the design elements of the monogram, except that they be legible. This is the part that an individual or couple can really get creative. If creating your own monogram, it's important to create something that looks nice to you, and reflects part of your individual personality. The sky is the limit! As a retailer of Personalized Gifts, we absolutely LOVE monograms. They are a really fun way of using a person's name and/or initials to create something beautiful, and lovely that convey the sentiments of the gift giver, and something that the recipient of the Gift would really appreciate and love.

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