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Loved them! Perfect!
~Sharvari Vaidya
Received as expected. really a good one
Beautifully Done.. My friend loved it.. Thank U
It was friend loved it...whenever I ve ordered from Perfico..I ve not been disappo...

~Priyanka Mani Pereira
As a returning customer of Perfico, I am continuously glad that I chose them every time for my ...

~Helen Sitther
This was a gift to my best friend as part of her wedding gift and she loves it.. I am very happ...

~Mr S Mithiborwala
Great product and really great service.
~Roshan Poncha
like ur service a lot
Good service, and well made product.
~Aditi Jaitly
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Personalized Wedding Gifts Ideas Online

If you are looking for unique Wedding Gift ideas, and the perfect Wedding Gift for the lucky Couple then you have reached the perfect page! We have created a collection of personalized wedding gifts that will absolutely delight the couple. All of our gifts are customizable, so if you are looking for something specific, please do let us know.
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Wedding Gifts

Searching for unique and innovative wedding gift ideas? We are here to help! If you’re tired of browsing through hundreds of standard products trying to decide which one to purchase and gift as a Wedding present, we have some good news for you. For the past 5 years, we have focused on building a collection of wonderful wedding gifts to solve this problem.

The result is a collection of personalized Wedding Gifts that feature practical products featuring designs created specifically for Newlyweds.

Weddings here in India have only gotten more glamorous and lavish. The gifts given to the Newlyweds unfortunately have not changed. Finding wedding gifts that convey the right emotion, and that are also memorable has become increasingly difficult. This was our inspiration behind creating our collection of personalized wedding gifts.

Here are some wedding gift ideas that you may appreciate. Do they Drink? Take a look at our personalized Wine, Whisky, Beer and Champagne Glasses. Do they enjoy their morning cup of Tea or Coffee? Peruse our vast collection of Couple Mugs that all feature designs meant for Couples.

Are they fond of Travelling? Our Passport Holder and Luggage Tag sets are another favourite option with our Customers. We offer sets of matching Passport Covers and Tags with designs created specifically for Couples. Unlike other companies, we have quite a large collection of designs to choose from. These sets are a wonderful option if they are Newlyweds as they use them on their upcoming Honeymoon as well. These sets are also a great choice as a wedding gift for couples that love to Travel. They will thank you for this stylish and practical gift every time they depart for their travel adventures.

Are they proud of their Home? If so, our Name plates, Clocks, Bath & Hand Towels would be great wedding gift idea to welcome them home after their Honeymoon to start their new life together. Do they have a good sense of Humor? We have funny, cute and romantic designs on quite a few of our product. Matching Flip Flops or Wallets for Him and Her with similar designs would be a good suggestion.

These are some quick suggestions. You can view our entire catalog and list of products to get more wedding gift ideas. Our helpful staff is also available to help navigate through our current catalog and planned future products.

Personalized Wedding Gifts

Personalization can make all the difference when it comes to wedding gifts. All of us enjoy seeing our name on high quality products that we use on a daily basis. Personalized wedding gifts are appreciated for this very reason. You are highlighting their nuptial with a gift that was made for the occasion in design, and inscribing or printing on the product with their names and the date of the wedding. If the product is premium in quality, and the personalization is immaculate you end up with a gift that will never be forgotten.

Most gifts at weddings end up in the same place; In the back of a shelf in some cupboard in the house. However with our collection of personalized Wedding gifts, you can be assured that they will smile when they first open the gift wrapping, and smile every time they use the gift for years to come.

We have highlighted some recommended products based on feedback from our awesome customers above. If none of them appeal to you immediately, then please get in touch with our customer support staff online, and they will be able to give many additional wedding gift ideas from our collection of personalized wedding gifts.

Customized Wedding Gifts

Although we have quite an extensive and varied collection of customized wedding gifts, you may already have an idea for a product that you cannot find in our catalog. Not to worry. As we manufacture most of our product line in-house, simply send us an email with your requirements, and we can try our best to get it created for you. The same applies with the designs on our products. In the case that you like our products, and have something very specific in mind for the design, we can create it for you. Our design team is extremely proficient in most design software; therefore we can work with your existing artwork, or then create custom artwork for your customized wedding gift after receiving information on what you had in mind.

We strive for your satisfaction in terms of design, quality and services. We promise to try and dispatch your order within 24 hours of receiving your Order details. Most product and designs have customer reviews so that you get an idea of the finished product prior to making your purchase. We also offer the ability for you to approve a digital preview of your design prior to us completing your Order. So, please shop for wedding gifts without concern, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to chat with us between 10am and 5pm (Mon to Sat).

Have questions about our customized wedding gifts, or want more unique wedding gift ideas? Please get in touch with us. We are here to help.

Personalized Wedding Gifts Ideas Online FAQs

What is the Best Gift for Wedding?

When it comes to selecting gifts for a Wedding you must consider the personality of the couple along with the type of relationship that you have with them. You can find plenty of worthwhile options for wedding gifts in India online, but the final selection must be appropriate to the Couple. In our opinion, the best wedding gifts in India are usually personalized as they demonstrate effort and care, and are very often memorable keepsakes for the Couple.

How much should I spend On A Wedding Gift?

Creating a budget for Wedding gifts is quite important. Wedding Gifts in India can range from the few Hundreds and Thousands to Lakhs of Rupees. The actual amount is not as important as making sure that you stay within the budget that you demarcated. Most online sites will enable you to search for wedding gift ideas based on your budget. If you don’t know the couple, in those cases cash is also an acceptable gift. The amount will depend on your relationship, but it’s a good idea to give the couple more than they spend on your attendance for the various events.

What is the best Wedding Gift for a Bride?

Simply put, the best Wedding Gift for a Bride falls in one of these 3 categories. The gift shows her that you care; it makes for a memorable keepsake of this wonderful day in her life; and it has some functional use in the next upcoming phase of her life. There are quite a few options for unique wedding gifts, and you should pick one that fills one or all of those categories. Our section will show you good selection of personalized wedding gift ideas in India.

What Personalized Gift should be given to a girl on her Wedding?

If you are searching for personalised Wedding Gifts then look no further. We have some really unique wedding gifts ideas in India that have become quite popular amongst our customers. Some of these ideas include personalized Glass Sets, personalized Towels and Passport Holders to name a few. We specialize in unique personalized wedding gifts, and most of our designs can be further customize to your exact requirements. We usually ship within 24 hours as well.

What is the best Creative Wedding Gift Idea for a girl on her Marriage?

Wedding gifts should be creative and personal. This is a wonderful time to tell her how much your friendship has meant to her over the years. In your search for Wedding Gift ideas please take a look at our Picture Perfect series of Gifts. Finding Wedding gifts in India can sometimes be a chore, and our collection will help you sort through the clutter. These picture perfect series of products are creative wedding gift ideas that will enable you to upload important photographs and print wonderful emotions to create a very memorable wedding gift for her.

What should I get my Friend for her Wedding?

When searching for wedding gifts in India online, please make sure to shortlist gifts that enable you to convey emotions. Too many gifts for wedding are given to newlyweds only to be placed on shelf later because it was not relevant to the Couple. Wedding gifts for friends in India should be appropriate to the type of relationship you had with her, and should also be functional and practical to her new upcoming phase of life. We have created a collection that will serve this purpose very well.

How to order the best Personalized Gift for an Indian Wedding at Perfico?

We specialize in personalised wedding gifts. This means that all of our wedding gift ideas and suggestions will be very appropriate for the occasion, and made from the highest quality of practical products. Additionally, we can customize one of our many designs especially for you, and can also gift wrap your Order and dispatch it within our industry leading turnaround time of 24 Hours. If you are looking for Wedding gifts in India then you have arrived at the right place!