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Reviews For Personalized Wall Clocks Online
Nicely framed and good quality wall clock...great concept..delivered within time promised..appr...

~raghu vasishth
The product was pretty good. No complaints. I would have appreciated a better packaging (maybe ...

~Rohan Kumar
Good service, and well made product.
~Aditi Jaitly
Product was great
~Ankit Mansinghka
Very good looking clock n excellent response from the seller
~Nidhi Mittal
Very Elegantly done with perfect arrival time. Perfico would be my go to option for gifts from ...

~Bishwajit Paul
Thank you very much for your prompt delivery. The products lived up to their expectations and w...

Nice printing quality
~Manish Kumar
The product looked exactly as given in the pic. It was absolutely awesome
~Meenakshi dey
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Personalized Wall Clocks Online

Our personalized wall clocks are a wonderful choice for a practical gift. The clocks are available in a Gold or Silver frame, and consist of a high quality movement that will last a very long time. The face of the clock can personalized with one of many design themes, and our Photo Clocks can include a photographs as well as custom Text.
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Custom Wall Clocks with Name, Quote, Custom Text or Logo

Custom Wall Clocks make for a wonderful option as a Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary Gift. We have created a large range designs for Men, Women, Couples and Kids. These customized wall clocks are Round in shape, and available in Gold or Silver finish. The clock face is fully customizable with any design, photo or custom text or monogram that you would like to print. There is a Glass to protect the printed custom wall clock face. We have created a selection of designs that are funky, funny, cool, contemporary and unique. We have several designs that are specific for Kids, and would perfect in the children's room wall. Our Customized Wall Clocks are a good option as Corporate, Promotional or Novelty Gifts as well.

Customized Wall Clock

We have been making Wall Clocks for over 5 years now. Our Custom Wall Clocks have ranged from Glass, Wood, Plastic to Metal. If you are looking for something specific, please do let us know. We will be happy to make your perfect customized Wall Clock. Our custom wall clocks can be designed as per your requirements. Customized Wall Clocks are a wonderful gift choice, especially when they are designed to the character of the recipient. A custom wall clock will let the recipient know that you have put in a lot effort to make their customized wall clock just perfect for them. You can rest easy know that your gift of a custom wall clock will be on their wall for years to come. Your customized wall clock can be edited with a theme, photograph or text.

Personalized Wall Clocks

Most Indian households have one common element apart from furniture in every Room. You guessed it, a Clock on the Wall! It's an ever-lasting tradition, and even with the advent of Technology we don't see it going away. There is something very comforting about looking at the Wall in search of the familiar Wall Clock to give you an update of the time. This is the case even if you have a watch on your hand, or your phone close by. There are hundreds of different styles of Customized Wall Clocks that you can find in the market and in online stores. Ranging from traditional and simple styles, Grandfather clocks to different shapes and styles incorporating the various elements of your home decor. This is the reason that Custom Wall Clocks make for a wonderful gifting choice, and it is the very reason that we have created our collection of Customized Wall Clocks. We have created 40+ different choices of Personalized Wall Clocks, and we hope that you find one that fits your personality or someone that you love perfectly.

Photo Wall Clock

One of the most common ways to personalize and create a Custom Wall Clock for a gift is to put the person's photograph on the Custom Wall Clock. Photo wall clocks are a great way of gifting someone with something that shows them that you indeed put a bit of effort in preparing their gift, but it also presents them with the one feature that usually appreciate the most.. them! Photo wall clocks have been available for a long time, however we here at Perfico put a bit of spin and additional zing on our Customized Wall clocks. We have created a few background that combine colours from the photo that you provide us to make the custom wall clock look classy, sophisticated a bit more put together over the other choices that you will find online. Simply upload your Photograph, and let us take care of the rest. We will even send you a few choices if you prefer, to let you choose your favourite version of our Photo Custom Wall Clock.

Personalized Wall Clock Wedding Gifts

Our customers love gifting them, and receiving them. We have been making our personalized Wall Clock Wedding gifts for over 4 years now, and they still receive the same compliments as they did when we first started. Customized wall clocks are a wonderful and personal gift choice to give Newlyweds. They are about to embark on their new journey which will most likely involve them decorating their new home. What better gift to give them than a Custom Wall clock as their Wedding Gift. If you're in search of a unique gift, then a customized wall clock is the way to go. Most other online stores simply place a photo of the couple on the face of the clock. We do it a bit differently. We have created a handful of themes around Love, and being a couple. You can include their Names and personalized with a photo on the custom wall clock as well. Some of our designs include Mr & Mrs, Always and Forever, In Love, Picture Perfect, Home sweet Home and Jai Ganesh. Pick your favourite, send us the details online, and we will create the perfect personalized Wall clock wedding gift for you. If you are looking for something specific in your customized wall clock, do let us know and we can create something even more unique for you.

Personalized Wall Clocks Online

Almost every gift store will showcase and sell wall clocks off the shelf. However, the advantage of online companies such as Perfico is that we can custom create a personalized and customized wall clock online for you just the way you want it. With 40+ designs, you are sure to find a theme or design option for your custom wall clock that you absolutely love, and we will personalize it especially for you. Our Customized Wall Clocks are available in various frames such as Gold, Silver, Wood and plastic, and we custom create the face based on your needs. The best part is that we can do all of this within 24 hours. It will take you less than 5 minutes to custom create the design, and we will ship your Custom Wall Clock out to you within a day. Thanks to technology, and an unending focus on excellent customer service, purchasing personalized and customized Wall Clocks online has never been easier and more fun.

Wall Clock Printing

We believe that the face of the custom wall clock is wonderful blank canvas to create a birthday, wedding, anniversary or housewarming gift. Customized Wall clock printing is not a service but is a true form of art to create a personalized gift that is absolutely beautiful to look at, and is a one of a kind a memorable gift to the recipient. Our Custom Wall Clocks are of the highest quality, and each customized wall clock is tested to make sure that it is accurate in terms of the display of time, and that it looks fabulous on your wall. Our customized wall clock printing process is full of controls, and we use the highest quality of materials to ensure that your printed and Customized Wall Clock is just perfect. Proper custom wall clock printing is the difference between a mediocre and a perfect gift.

Picture Wall Clock

Old wisdom often states that a picture is worth a thousand words. We believe that to be completely true, and our picture custom wall clocks express our commitment to that belief. Our picture wall clocks are created custom for you by not simply placing your picture or photograph on the clock. We carefully analyze your picture and figure out the best way to print that on our high quality Custom Wall Clocks. If there is an issue with your photograph, we will notify you and request a replacement to ensure that your finished picture wall clock is as perfect as possible. In addition to printing your photo on our clocks, we also adjust the background so that all the colours in view assimilate wonderfully and the finished product looks like it was made by a master designer. Every gift that you give someone reflects on you, and we hope to be your partner in that gesture to gift someone a wonderful memory especially with our customized Wall Clock.

Personalized Wall Clocks Online FAQs

What is the best Photo Wall Clock?

The best photo wall clock should have two important elements. It should have a beautifully printed photograph along with a custom written message. You can find a wall clock with photo on many sites, but the better products will ensure that your photograph is printed perfectly and is framed well within the artwork. It is also important that the machinery of your personalized wall clock is of high quality. The last thing you need is for it to look great upon arrival, but after a few weeks your personalized photo wall clock is simply a piece of art as the clock movement stopped working correctly.

What Wall Clock gift should be given to a newly Married Couple?

A custom wall clock can be a perfect wedding gift for a couple. If you can create a personalized wall clock that shows a lovely and relevant design along with the names of the couple and their wedding date, it can be lovely keepsake for them for years to come. You can find many wall clocks online, but if you can personalize the wall clock with personal pictures it would be an absolutely wonderful gift that will be used and appreciated by the newlyweds.

What is an appropriate amount for designer Clocks Online?

You can find quite a large selection of designer clocks online, and the price range of these clocks can vary quite a bit. If you are confused while personalized wall clock online shopping, please don’t worry. A good expected price for designer wall clocks online in India can range from INR 500 to INR 1000. The specifics in the movement used, along with the materials for the frame will determine the final price. Our wall clocks are priced at INR 799.

What is the best Wall Clock Gift for a Wedding?

Personalised photo wall clocks are a very popular gift for newlyweds. All you need is a high quality photograph of the lovely couple and you can create customized clocks that can be used as a wedding gift. In the case that you are unable to find a suitable photograph we have created quite a few designs that include the names of the couple along with the wedding date. If you are looking for an online wall clock, this would be your best option as a wedding gift.

Which is the Best Wall Clock Gift for Husband on Anniversary?

You can find many clocks online, but if you are looking for a customized wall clock that you can gift your Husband on your Anniversary, we can help you. We have quite a few designer wall clocks online that can be customized with your names and a theme that you will both enjoy. The clock is an integral part of the home, and we are confident that you love some of our many designs. We can offer you a wall clock with picture framed beautifully and include a custom message.

Which Wall Clock gift is best for Marriage Anniversary?

Custom wall clocks are great as Anniversary gifts. The reason for this is because you can find personalized wall clocks with pictures and custom messages. Anniversaries are special, and the gift that is being presented to any couple should reflect the same. We offer 30+ designs of personalized wall clocks online. We are confident that you will find a few that you absolutely love. All designs can be further customized based on your requirements.

How to Order Custom Wall Clock Online at Perfico?

We have tried to make it very easy and fun to order a personalized clock. Our customized wall clocks are available in a Gold or Silver frame and can be personalized with one of many themes. It is a round wall clock and will look great in almost any room in the house. If you are looking for a wall clock with photo, we can offer that to you as well. Once you have placed your order, simply ask us for a preview and we will send one to you for approval prior to proceeding with your Order.