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Reviews For Personalized Shot Glasses
It was just brilliant!! The newly weds loved it!!
The gift was for my friends and they loved all of them.
~Aishwarya Shetty
I loved it... Good quality..thank you!!!
~Monika vasa
Good work as usual.
~Deidre Reys
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Personalized Shot Glasses

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Personalized Shot Glasses

Depending on the occasion shot glasses on the Bar can signal a fun night ahead. One that will be full of memories, and maybe even a slight hangover the next morning! (Wink wink). We tried to take this mainstay of most households are turn into a memorable gift that can be given to a friend or couple as a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift. Our personalized shot glasses are truly one of a kind. We have created quite a few unique and fun designs based on several occasions. You can even match all of these designs with designs that exist in our collection of Whisky, Wine, Champagne and Beer Glasses. The shot glasses themselves are made from high quality Italian glass, and the etching is done by our well experienced staff. So, if you’re in search of personalized shot glasses you have arrived at the right place. Shop away!

Engraved Shot Glasses

There are quite a few methods to personalize shot glasses. The method that we have found to be best in terms of overall look, longevity and engrave quality is etching. Our engraved shot glasses are personalized with a design and the names of the recipients by etching the top layer very carefully and craft-fully so that the end result is a very sophisticated set of engraved shot glasses that will be the pride of any bar. Shot of Whisky, Tequila or another personal favorite? It doesn’t matter. These personalized shot glasses will always leave a lasting impression.

Wedding Shot Glasses

Over the years, we have had many customers gift our shot glasses as a wedding gift to newlyweds. They are cute, unique and will really stand out for the couple. They can display them on their Bar at home, and will be wonderful conversation starters for years to come. We have several designs available for our wedding shot glasses, and you can even purchase matching set of Coaster, or personalized glasses for Wine, Whisky or Champagne as well. Our Mrs & Mrs, LOVE, and His & Her are probably the most popular designs in our collection.

Monogram Shot Glasses

If you’re in search for Monogram shot glasses then we have quite a few options for you. As the space is quite limited in these shot glasses, we had to be quite innovative and creative in creating monogram styles that will fit in the space available, as well as look stunning once the personalization is complete. Our Monogram shot glasses are available in styles for both Men as well as Women. Why should Men have all the fun right? We have a design titled “Bold” that is very popular for Men, and one called “Butterfly” that is a favorite amongst Women.