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Reviews For Personalized Pencil Pouches and Cases for Kids with Name and Photo
We ordered a different print than the one we actually wanted, but the awesome customer service ...

~Saneesh T Peter
Very happy
It s very nice and delivered in just 2 days
~Jyoti Garg
My daughter loved the pouch. I had ordered it earlier for my daughter s friend too a year back ...

~Rachna Shah
My son liked it.
Great delivery time within 2 days
~akshita gupta
not wide enough, the zipper has already come off, the print is good
~Vikram Maheshwari
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Personalized Pencil Pouches and Cases for Kids with Name and Photo

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Custom Pencil Case with Monogram, Name, or Photo

Children and Kids love their Pencil cases and boxes, therefore we have created this collection of personalized Pouch Cases for them. These cases are made from sturdy canvas, and fit their school pencils, coloured pencils and erasers. The cases are very sturdy, and are washable as well. The front of each case is customizable with one of our many designs, and their name, monogram or photo. We have created design themes for boys and girls. From wonderful pinks for girls to cool blues for boys. Quite a few of the designs have fun characters as well. Just be careful, these personalized pencil cases just may become the coolest, and most trendy and popular item in their school bag. They are great option as Birthday Return Gifts as well.

Looking for a specific Theme or Design? Please get in touch with us, we would be glad to help.

Design Your Own Pencil Case

We currently offer 50+ designs of custom pencil pouches and cases. We made sure to create some very cute, adorable, and relevant designs that both boys and girls would really appreciate. After all, their school and coloured pencils are very valuable to them, and they take pride in their collection with their friends at home and at school. That said, we also let you design your own pencil case. If you have a particular theme, or set of characters that you would like for us to print on these pencil cases, then we can definitely take care of that for you. Simply email us the design, or concept of the theme and we can provide you with a preview so that you can see exactly what they would like before you finalize your purchase. A lot of customers have this same request, especially as return gifts for birthday parties.

Monogrammed Pencil Pouch

Nothing pleases a child than having their own name or initial monogrammed on their pencil case or pouch. We have created a wonderful collection of monogrammed pencil pouches for both boys and girls alike. The designs vary by age, and you are sure to find some options that are perfect for your little one. We have quite a few fonts and monogram styles available as well.

Personalised Kids Pencil Case

Our personalised pencil cases were designed specifically for kids. We took size, intended use and long term usage into consideration when designing these cases. The size of the Cases are perfect to fit into any school bag, and will expand or contract based on the number of pencil, erasers and sharpeners contained within. These personalised cases are expandable and can fit quite a few normal and coloured pencils and pens. The cases are extremely rugged, and can take quite a bit of rough handling by the kids. The unique element in our design is the fabric that has been used, as it is very sturdy, soft to the touch, and washable. Pencil cases invariably get dirty with usage, and with our cases all you need to do is to put them in the wash, and they will come out looking brand new all over again.

Pouches For School

Our personalized pouches are primarily meant for usage in school. The benefit of having your boy or girl's name on the case is that they will never confuse their own case with someone else's. We have 50+ designs and theme based on the various school grades and ages of the kids. These cases fit well in almost any school bag, and the zippers and pockets are well constructed. The fabric is washable as well. We offer these pouches for school in a set along with a personalized bag tag as well. These pouches are a wonderful birthday gift option for any school going boy or girl. Many of our customers have purchased these sets as return gifts for birthday parties as well.

Pencil Boxes For Kids

If you are looking for a pencil for kids, then our collection of personalized pencil pouches are a very good option to consider. These pouches are available in large range of theme options which is a rarity when it comes to pencil boxes. The design of these replacements for pencil boxes are extremely practical, as they are constructed from sturdy and premium canvas which allows the case to expand based on the number of items stored. They have an adequate number of pockets to store erasers and sharpeners as well, and you don't have to worry about the hard case cracking or breaking, as these cases bend very well, and will survive the rugged environment of the school bag for years.

Pencil Boxes and Pouches for Boys

We have quite a few designs of pouches made especially for Boys. We created our collection of designs based on the age of the Boy with themes that will be relevant for each particular age. If you are looking for a specific design, do let us know as we can create a custom pencil pouch for you as well.

Pencil Cases and Pouches for Girls

Our range of pencil cases and pouches for girls is quite large. Themes are relevant for each particular age, and we can use designs from any of our others products on these cases as well. Primarily designs for school going Girls, our pencil cases are quite often purchased by college going, or university bound girls as well. The design of the pouches is extremely practical, and designs printed in the front are very stylish and can match fit the personality of the Girl. If you are looking for a specific design, do let us know as we can create a custom pencil case or pouch for you as well.

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