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Reviews For Customized Passport Covers Online
Loved it and super fast delivery :)
Very impressed with the work! Thanks a lot :)
~Aparajita Sengupta
Super fast delievery
Perfico is perfecto! Loved the product I ordered and swiftness of the delivery. Thank you team ...

~Sanjana A
Perfico has a very good support team with a quick turn-around time. They are very responsive an...

~Rajashekar M
Good product, handy and compact. Loved it
The support staff is extremely helpful and very proactive. Service is very prompt. I would defi...

~Pratiksha Kamath
I love the print i was really worried about it but it was really good. The product quality can ...

So happy to have ordered with ur site. Got a very good customized passport holder. Quality was ...

~Krithika N
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Customized Passport Covers Online

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Personalised Passport Cover

We started our journey in personalization with our personalised passport covers. Upon initial feedback from our amazing customers. We realized that we were on to something as our customers simply loved this product. Based on their feedback we further improved the covers to make them a bit smaller. We also improved the print quality. Further, we made sure that the more convenient size was able to carry the same amount of documents, cash and credit cards like the original version. Our covers are made from high-quality faux Leather, with a premium specialty fabric material to print your designs. Voila! Our latest version of personalised passport covers was soon born. A practical, convenient, and great looking passport cover with names on it!

Passport Cover with Name

Simple passport covers have been around for a while. However, we were the first to innovate and create a personalized passport cover. Personalization includes printing your favourite design, and customizing it with your name. Upon the initial success, we made sure to create design options that included multiple version of Monograms for Him, Her and Couples. We have also vastly increased our design themes to include artwork and prints that would appeal to every person in your family. From cute and floral designs for women, to bold and classic designs for men. We have also created designs for Couples which serve as a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift, and cute and fun designs for kids and children as well. When you open your new passport cover with name for the first time, you will absolutely fall in love with the design.

Customized Passport Cover

We have come a long way from our initial personalized passport cover. Our standard offering is a passport holder that can hold a single passport. Upon feedback from our customers, we created offer various designs and styles of truly customized passport covers. In fact, you can count on us to keep improving and innovating on our design collection. If you are looking for a slightly taller passport holder that can hold an A4 sized document without having to fold the document, we can now offer that to you. We also have included a secured pocket with a zip so that you can store your cash, coins and other valuables- you do not have to worry about items falling out of the passport holder every time you open it. We are also working on a family version of our passport holder that can hold up to 4 passports for your entire family. Please do get in touch with us if you are looking for a specifically customized passport cover. We can probably help you create one that is absolutely perfect for you!

Personalised Passport Holder in India

We currently ship our personalised passport covers all over India with shipping charges included in the price. Our main focus over the years has been to create a large collection of relevant designs, consistently improve our value for money proposition, and improve our internal processes. This allows us to create your very own personalized passport holder within a single day of receiving your Order.
Providing our customers with previews of their order does increase the turnaround time. However, we still try our very best to ensure that every order is processed within a day, and dispatched as soon as possible. Most orders reach our customers anywhere within India within 3-5 days, which includes processing and shipping.

Quick delivery in cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai

Our customers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad will most likely receive their new personalised passport covers within a day of ordering. It is our endeavour to try and dispatch your orders within 1 day. Additionally, we have partnered with very efficient courier services. For example, if an order is placed at 11 am on a Monday morning, it will be dispatched the same evening, and most likely reach the final destination by the next afternoon, i.e. Tuesday. We cater to specific requirement or urgent requirement. Please do get in touch with one our customer service team on chat and we will be able to answer any specific questions or concerns that you may have.

Customized Passport Holders

Most companies that provide personalized travel gifts offer customized passport covers. The main purpose of this product is to protect your passport. We, however, offer customized passport holders. The main difference between holders and covers is that our product gives you space to securely store your passport, boarding passes, stubs, credit cards, photos and cash. The cover is designed for easy removal as well also securely storing your items. In addition to our main product which h0lds a single passport, we can also now offer a version with a secure zip which allows you to store more cards and documents. We will also soon be offering a version that allows you to store upto 4 passports. So, get ready to use the personalized passport holder as a convenience for the entire Family.

We currently have over 70+ designs for Men, Women, Couples and Children. Our design themes vary based on the personality and character of the recipient. We have also created designs that are Travel themed, allowing you to print your favourite Travel or motivational Quote. This enables you to create a truly personalised passport cover with your name on it.

We strive for your satisfaction in terms of design, quality and services. We try to dispatch each personalised passport cover within 24 hours of receiving your Order details. Most designs have customer reviews so that you get an idea of the finished product prior to making your purchase. We also offer the ability for you to approve a digital preview of your customized passport cover prior to us completing your Order. So, please shop without concern, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to chat with us between 10am and 5pm (Mon to Sat).

What’s next? Find your favourite design, provide us with your details. Within the shortest time possible, your new personalised passport cover will shortly be on its way to you ready for your next travel adventure!