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Reviews For Personalized Magic Mugs
Amazing quality ! Loved the product and personalisation
~Pragya Khera
Awesome product
It was delivered as requested within good time. The product is of very good quality.
~forum jalundhwala
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Personalized Magic Mugs

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Magic Mug and Cups with Custom Text and Photo

Some folks call them Magic Mugs and some call them Magic Cups. Regardless of what you call them, one thing is for sure.. These Mugs are super awesome to use. They have a fixed colour at first, and once you pour hot liquid (Tea, Coffee, Water) they change their colour to White. It’s Magic! What makes them a wonderful gift choice is that we can personalize the Mug with your Name, Quote and even a Photo so that when the magic happens, you end up seeing your very own personalized mug underneath.

Magic Mug Online

You can find quite a few companies that provide Magic mugs online, however the uniqueness of our Perfico Magic Mugs are the designs. We have 50+ unique, beautiful and customizable designs for you to choose from. We will show you a preview before completing your Order, and your magic mug will be dispatched within 24 hours of us receiving your order details. All of our magic mugs are also covered under our solid quality guarantee and return policy.

Magic Mug Printing

If you are looking for printing something custom and beautiful on Magic Mugs, then you have reached the correct site and page. We use the highest quality of Mugs along with vibrant coloured inks and a very quality focused printing process. You can be assured that your Mug will arrive at your doorstep looking absolutely perfect, and exactly as you designed it, and hoped it would look.

Color Changing Mug

We offer THREE different colors of our Magic Mugs. We currently can provide these Mugs to you in Black, Red and Blue. The original colours are vibrant and look amazing. Add some hot liquid and you will witness the amazing color changing Mug take action. Within a minute or so, the color of the Mug changes from its original Black, Red or Blue to a nice pure white. You can select, customize and edit any of our designs to fit the occasion.

Magic Photo Mug

If you are looking to gift something very unique to your loved ones, then our Magic Photo Mug are a very good option. In addition to changing colors, we have developed several templates for you where you can upload your photo along with custom text. We will try and match the frame around your photo to the colors in your photo before we print it. You can also request a preview of your Order so that you can edit the design until it is absolutely perfect. Our printing process is very refined so that colors in your photo are matched almost perfectly once printed on the magic photo Mug.

Personalized Magic Mug

All of the designs on our Magic Mug are personalized. The designs have been created so that you can edit the Quote or saying along with adding your Name or the name of the person you wish to gift this personalized Magic Mug. If you are looking for something specific, please do contact us via chat so that we can create something custom, and absolutely perfect for you.

Magic Coffee Mug

If you enjoy your Coffee or Tea in the Office, then our Magic Coffee Mugs are perfect for you. In addition to the “magic” of color changing Mug you can add your own Quotes, Designs, Photo and your Name. Your Magic Coffee Mug will be the talk of the ‘Office’ Town! Within a minute of you filling your Mug you will find it changing color to the design that you have selected underneath.