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Reviews For Personalized Luggage Tags Online
I am heavily impressed by the product and the service provided. Cheers :)
~sagarika majumdar
Loved it
~Nirmala devaraj
Love it! Great quality ans super cute will keep ordering.
Loved it
~Nirmala devaraj
Got delivered on time and great work too :)
~Ashwin Kumar
The product was good and I loved it.
~Rajeshwari Sharma
product quality is very good. got delivery within a day will recommend the product definitely.
Good product
~Raj Raipancholia
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Personalized Luggage Tags Online

Our personalized Luggage Tags have been designed from the ground up with Travellers in mind. These Tags are made from high quality faux Leather, conveniently fit all types of suitcases and bags and can be permanently customized with any design, and personalized with your Name or Initial. Identifying your Bags at the Baggage Carousel just got a lot of fun!
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Travel Tags with Name, Monogram or Custom Text

Travel tags are currently very popular. It's easy to understand why. We very often update and spend quite a bit of money on our luggage so it looks new, nice for the next business trip or vacation. However, most bags nowadays pretty much look the same with Black or Red being the most popular colours on the carousel once we arrive at our destination. The advantage of unique Travel tags is that they add that bit of extra style to our luggage so it matches not only the suitcase but also your own unique personality. You can easily recognize your luggage the next time you're waiting on that carousel. All the more important on your way back home when your bag is usually full of all the wonderful novelties that you picked up on your vacation. You can make sure that it's not picked up by someone else by mistake. Our range of Travel Tags allows you pick from a collection of 50+ designs, and all are personalized with your Name, Monogram or custom Text.

Custom Tags

Our Tags allow you to fully customize the look and design that you wanted printed on custom tags. We have created a fairly large range of designs to fit and match almost every type of personality that we could imagine. We have custom tags for Her, Him, Couples and Kids as well. There is now no excuse to not fully style your luggage on your next trip. Looking for a gift for newlyweds, or a gift for travel lovers, then our custom tags are a wonderful option. You can even print your photograph, or a lovely travel quote if you wish. Our tags are made from high quality faux leather, and will probably last longer than your luggage. The design is printed with premium inks on the front of the custom tag, and we have left room in the back for business card, or card with information in the case your Bag ever gets lost. The size of the tag is perfect for all types of suitcases, bag and backpacks, and we sell them in sets of two so that you can style out your entire luggage set.

Custom Luggage Tags

We have been selling custom luggage tags for over 4 years. Each year we updated the design based on customer feedback so that your luggage tags are absolutely perfect. They are sized perfectly for hard or soft cases, and can fit luggage as well as backpacks in the case you prefer to use them for trekking or even for school or college. These luggage tags are all custom made with a design of your choice, and are then personalized with your name, monogram or any custom quote. Since most customers do end up using these for luggage we have created quite a few travel themes. They are a great party favor for destination weddings and birthdays as well. We have customers that have gotten custom luggage tags made for their birthdays when a group is travelling together. It's a wonderful keepsake to give away to your friends and family.

Custom Bag Tags

Tags are relevant not only for trips and vacations, but are good accessory for your backpack for school, college or next Trek. These custom bag tags have been sized so that they will fit any bag or backpack, and because they are made from high quality materials, they can weather quite a few storms. The printing is permanent, and you can also include any personal emergency information by inserting a card in the back. You can even cleverly hide some cash inside the bag tag if you wish for emergencies. On treks, it may be a good idea to include any relevant personal health information, or reward for return of your bag. These custom tags for bags are a must-have accessory for your bags or suitcases. They are wonderful corporate gift as well for your next offsite or corporate trip with your team. If you are looking for a novelty gift for your clients then these custom tags with your logo and client name would be wonderful choice.

Personalized Bag Tags

If you are looking to personalize or customize your bag tags then you have reached the correct page. We have over 50+ designs for every member of friends and family. Our collection of personalized bag tags includes tag with travel themes, floral and pretty designs for her, unique and bold designs for him, and super cute designs for boys and girls. All of our personalized bag tags can also be paired with matching passport holders and covers. The full set is a great gift option for Birthday, or as a Wedding Gift to newlyweds before they head out for their honeymoon. We have been selling these personalized luggage tags for over 4 years so you will be able to find customer reviews for most designs. In the case that you are looking for something specific that you are unable to find in our catalog, please do get in touch as we would b happy to make a bespoke tag special for you.

Travel Gifts

If you are looking for a gift for travel lovers, then these personalized luggage tags are just the perfect travel gift. Especially if you pair these tags with one of our personalized Passport holder and covers. We have designs for Men, Women, Couples and Kids. If you are in the travel or tour business then this would be a perfect travel gift for your clients and customers. You can imprint a travel quote or design with a smaller version of your logo and the name of your client or customer. They will absolutely appreciate the gift, and think of you on their next vacation. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel then these customized luggage tags would be great option as we customize the theme and include their name or monograms. Travel accessory gifts are always appreciated, and we have a large collection from which you can choose the absolutely perfect gift. We usually dispatch all order within 24 hours.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, and we try to dispatch each customized luggage tags order within 24 hours of receiving your Order details. We offer the ability for you to approve a digital preview of your order prior to us completing your Order.

Bon voyage!