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Reviews For Personalized Key Holders and Key Racks
Ordered for the first time and it turned out to be really nice piece.Excellent Work.
I am very much satisfied with the product i ordered and would like to thank you guys for delive...

superbly done.
Great product as always!
Thank you for the lovely professional packing. My daughter loved the gifts. Thanks again for yo...

One of the best personalised gifts at an affordable price with awesome quality.
~Shruti Joshi
Good work!
~Richa Kothari
Loved it. Great work.
Loved it
~Dimple Arora
The piece is too classy... Thank you so much
~Gargi Das
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Personalized Key Holders and Key Racks

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Custom Key Holder

Key holders and Key Racks are a mainstay in pretty much every household in India. This is not a new occurrence but has been a functional use for decades. With the increase of Cars and Bikes every year, we all need a common place to leave and drop our Keys when we enter the house. Usually located near the entrance of house, so that you can conveniently drop the keys when you arrive at home, and quickly pick them up on your way out when you are usually in a hurry. In addition to its functional use, key holders are now a fashion and decor statement as well. Custom key holders allowed us to a bit of flair by engraving or printing our last names on the key holders. We have taken that to next level by creating a large collection of custom key holders with a multitude of designs and styles that enable to you really match the decor of the house, and also express yourself with custom themes, and then further personalize it by adding your first name, last name or both. Do take a look at our full collection, as we are confident that you will one that you will absolutely fall in love with.

Personalized Key Holder For Wall

Our personalized key holders are designed to be installed on the Wall. Even though a lot customers choose to use our key holders as nameplates and they install them on the wall outside the house, we generally notice that most customers use our personalized key holders for the wall inside the house next to the main entry of the house. Our holders are designed so that you can very easily install them with a single nail. The intricate design of metal ensures that once installed the nail is hardly visible. It is also stable with side movement restricted as much as possible. Our heavier and larger personalized key racks are designed in a similar way with the only difference being that you should use two nails instead of one. These Racks are a bit heavier so it is recommended that you install with adequate wall support. In the case that you have questions about our key holders or key racks, please do get in touch with us, and we would be glad to walk you through the installation process.

Personalized Key Rack

Our personalized Key Racks are a very popular choice with our customers. Designed with 3 high quality ceramic tiles, these racks are a work of art indeed. Especially, when printed with one of our themes, and then further customized by personalizing it with your Name, House Number, Photograph or Quote. These Racks are beautiful to look at, and are very sturdy. They all have a metal shefl that runs along the entire front of the rack allowing you to simply place your keys on top as opposed to hanging the keys on hooks like our key hangers. We got quite creative with the designs as well. We have created some designs where a particular element of the design will carry forward from one tile to the next. If you looking for something specific, then please do request us, as we would be happy to create something custom for you.

Personalized Key Hanger

Our personalized Key Hangers are designed in a very traditional look with intricate wrought-iron that is the eye catching element in the key hanger. We then created several designs that allow you to match the key hanger to the decor of your home, and then we personalized the key hanger with your family name, quote, or photograph. The personalized key hanger features a premium quality 6 inch tile in the center that you can customize by selecting one of our existing designs, or create a custom made key hanger of your own. The colours are sharp and vibrant, and the tile is quite resistant to damage. Each key hanger has 4 hooks in the front that will allow you to hang your keychain full of keys, or even a single key. If you are interested in a particular design, do let us know and we can create one custom just for you.

Custom Key Holder For Wall

We currently have one style of key hanger, and another one for our key rack. Both the racks, and hangers are intended for installation on the Wall. If you are looking for a custom key holder we can create that for you. Every design is custom and can be personalized with your name. If you are looking for a custom shape, do let us know as if your requirement is large enough, we can create a custom holder for you.

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