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Thanks for the excellent product
~Deepti V Kumar
Was good. Delivery was prompt
The bag is of awesome quality and wonderful design mixed with the personalized message makes it...

Bag was good, with good prints. Only if belt can be made little fancier.
~Alok Kumar
Very nice
Keep up the good work !
I received the order in time, all the items that I bought from your website were for my daughte...

Quality finish and craftsmanship. Impressed with the quick and smooth delivery.
I am satisfied with the product. Thank you for a quick delivery. Only one thing that can be imp...

~Rachna Shah
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Personalized Gifts For Kids Online

Our collection of personalized gifts for Kids includes high quality products that will be appropriate for quite a large range of ages. We have created designs and themes for both Boys and Girls. Our gifts for kids are all personalized so that they can appreciate the gift even more. Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours, and we can create a custom theme for you as well.
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Personalized Gifts For Kids

Looking for personalized gift for Kids? Your task just got a bit easier. Over the past 5 years, we have created a unique collection of customized gifts for kids that we hope you will love and appreciate. The best part is that each one has his or her on it! Some of our recommended products include Kitchen Aprons, Pencil Pouches, Jewellery Boxes, Wall Clocks, Cushion Covers, Flip Flops, Pocket Mirrors, Sling Bags, Bath Towels, Luggage and School Bag Tags. Your Son or Daughter could be a 1 year old, 5 year old or 10 year old, we are sure you will find the perfect gift for them. Short of time? No problem. We are the fastest you will find. Most bulk orders are dispatched within 2-3 days. We have special pricing for Bulk orders as well.

Why personalized gifts for kids you may ask? How many times have your kids received a gift only to find them uninterested in the actual item, and the product ends up in the back shelf of his or her cupboard collecting dust. Now imagine them receiving a practical and fun product with their name on it! Rest assured they will love it, and it will be lying in the front of the shelf for a very long time. Personalized gifts for kids can very often make the difference between a successful gift giving occasion, and a not so successful one. This is especially the case for children that have a large collection of Toys, and you are unsure of what to get them this year.

We consider every product that we create for your occasion as the most important order of the day. We ensure that the design and finished product is absolutely perfect. The design will be created and edited as per your requirements, and we will send you a preview so that you can have an idea of exactly what the end product will look like. Production of your customized gift for kids only starts once you have approved the preview. We are very proud to say that in 5+ years of making products for custom gifts for kids we have not had any major issues or complaints.

In the case that you are looking to purchase our personalized gifts for kids in bulk, one of the advantages of working with us for your special occasion is that we have quite a few internal processes that we have developed out of experience and will serve you very well for your own child. An example of this is the creation of small cards that we place on top of each gift so that you know who the gift should be given to as after gift wrapping it becomes impossible to figure out the intended recipient. We will also organize and arrange the customized gifts for kids you ordered alphabetically so that you can distribute and find the correct gift at the end of the party when the kids are in a rush to get home. These things may sound little, but you will be amazed at the amount of time and headache they can save at the end of the day when you have been busy with all the other arrangements.

In terms of designs, we have a very proficient and experienced team of designers that can help you create artwork for your personalized gift for kids based on the theme of your occasion. In the case that your Theme is yet undecided, when you speak with one of our friendly and help customer support staff they will be able to guide you with appropriate ideas based on the Age of your child. If your Theme for your custom gifts for kids has been decided, and you already have some ideas and thoughts we will be more than happy to help you modify and finalize that design as well. Our staff is proficient on most design software, so we can work with almost any format of artwork that you may already have.

We have built our business on processes that enable us to be extremely time efficient. Most normal orders are completed within 24 hours, and we pride ourselves on that commitment. We will apply the same processes and quality control procedures on your order of customized gifts for kids as well. If you let us know of the planned date of the occasion we will ensure that your order is dispatched so that it reaches you well in time for the big day.

Another advantage of working with Perfico is our commitment to transparency. We try our best to be completely transparent in our processes as well as pricing. We have standard discount slabs built into our process based on required quantity of customized gifts for kids. You can order with us without the stress of wondering if you the pricing was correct. We guarantee it!

Customized Gifts for Kids

We can also create custom gift for kids. As we manufacture most of our own products, we can easily create something completely custom for you based on your volume requirements.

We love Kids, and we love creating designs and products for them. If you have a birthday party coming up, please do get in touch with us so that we can create some amazing personalized gifts for kids for your big day, and support you in making it a complete success.

Have questions about our custom gifts for kids? Please feel free to contact us via Phone, E-mail or Chat. We would love to help.