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Good quality..nicely printed.. Great job guys!
~Mudita Maheshwari
The quality of the product is good.
~Ankur Anand
Loved the product. The delivery time was also very good
Pretty good product... Nice quality.. Would appreciate the customer service desk as they helped...

Perfect gifting idea :)
Beautifully made! Excellent quality photo and the mirror was very sturdy too. Made my mom so ha...

Amazingly designed
Very prompt response and delivery. Very happy
~Sireesha Nambigari
My mum loved it..thankss.
~Shruti Agarwal
The person whom I gifted to simply loved it.
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Personalized Gifts for Girls


Helpful Tips and Cool Ideas to find that perfect gift for Girls

We've all been there at one point or another. You really want to pick that perfect gift for your Daughter, Niece, Wife, Girlfriend or Best friend that happens to be a Girl. Don't worry we have 5 ways to make sure that you get her that Gift that we put a great smile on her face, and ensure that she cherishes the Gift and the wonderful gesture that seemingly you put a lot of time and effort towards. Be it her Birthday, your Anniversary or just a special moment in her Life, we will guide you through picking that perfect and unforgettable gift for her.
1. Has she mentioned a specific product need or desire in the recent past? This is definitely the easiest one. You do however need to make sure that you get her exactly what she mentioned. The last thing you want to do is to buy the correct product but in the wrong size or colour.
2. What are her Hobbies and Interests? Has she started a new Hobby or shown interest in new extra-curricular activity? This again is an easy one, and probably the one most likely to get her smiling. There is nothing like having someone you care about support your latest interest, and realize that you were listening all the while.
3. Has she recently started a new Job, School or University? Or has she recently moved to a new City or Country? Is there a change in her Life that you could support by getting her something that would make her more comfortable and excited?
4. How would you describe her personality to someone else? Is she adventurous or artsy? Is she a book reader or couch potato? This will help you narrow the field, and get her something that really fits her personality.
5. In the case that none of the above 4 suggestions yield an awesome idea for you, don't worry we'll get you there. We wrote a blog post to suggest 12 questions to ask yourself to find that perfect gift for her. Here are some suggestions from there. Does she like to Cook? Is she a Fashionista? Does she like to Dance, or love a particular Sport? How about Photography or Astronomy? There are tons of Ideas out there.

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