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Very good quality. Great finish.
~Chitra Padmanabhan
Amazing product with good quality.
~Ata Ul Baseer
The service was excellent. So was the product.
This was very nice n the quality was also good
~Tanvi Singhal
Amazing quality! Very satisfied. Perfect gift 4 my son in law!
~Anshu Mala
Nice product! Great Quality!!
~Avneet Arora
It was awsme
Great quality and the product was delivered within 2 days which is commendable.Im a fan of perf...

~Dr Isha Singh
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Custom Coasters with Name, Monogram or Photo

Coasters are fun. They can really add quite a bit of character and personality to any party and gathering with friends at home. Custom coasters are even better because you can customize them with a myriad of fun themes and personalize them with your name or theme them around the special occasion. Our custom coasters are available in large range of designs and themes, from the funny and quirky to the classic and sophisticated. We have created matching custom coaster sets that fit perfectly with our personalized Whiskey, Wine, Champagne and Beer Glasses. If you are planning a gift then our set of custom coasters given along with the personalized Drink glasses would make for a perfect wedding or anniversary gift. If you are looking to purchase and customize a set of coasters for your own, then the sky is the limit. We can custom make a set of coasters with exactly your choice of artwork, quotes or photographs.

Looking for something specific? Please get in touch with us and we will be glad to make something custom and special just for you.

Coaster Printing

We use high quality printing techniques and inks to print on our custom coasters. We are able to customize the base background colours as well. The printing on our coasters is permanent and will last as long as the coasters themselves. The images will be sharp, and the colours are vibrant. We use sublimation as primary printing process, and the coasters are made from MDF with glossy coating that make the colours jump to life. These custom coasters are water resistant as well so you can use them with your favourite beverage without concern of damaging the coasters or smudging the prints. We have created a collection of 50+ printed coasters ranging from funny designs, to his and her sets with custom test. Simply choose your favourite design, provide us the with the personalization details and we take care of the rest. We usually dispatch all orders within 24 hours of receiving your details.

Photo Coasters

If you are looking for custom coasters with your photo printed, then you have reached the perfect page. We can print your photos on our coasters with skilled accuracy and sharpness. The colours will be very close to the originals you submit, and we can even create a theme around your photograph and add custom text or quotes if you wish. Our photo coasters are appreciated by our customers because of the high quality of printing, and premium materials used in the coasters itself. We have used glossy lamination to ensure that your photos come to life, and look new for years to come. Our photo coasters are water resistant as well. As our business is personalization, we can create unique borders around your photo, and match the background to elements within your photograph. We suggest that you request us for a preview once you have placed your Order. This will enable you to make further changes and edits before we finalize your set of custom coasters.

Custom Drink Coasters

Our coasters are made from MDF and are size approximately 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. This size is perfect for almost all standard glass sizes. So, if you are looking for custom drink coasters then we most likely have a design that will be perfect for you. We have over 200 designs for our Beer, Wine, Whiskey and Champagne glasses, and we made sure that we have a matching set of drink coasters for each design. If you are looking for something specific, do let us know and we will be glad to create a custom drink coaster that is perfect for you.

Wedding Coasters

We currently have 40+ designs for custom coasters that will be perfect as a Wedding or Anniversary gift. The themes are specific for couples, and can be used for newlyweds, or for your favourite couple on their wedding or anniversary. Some of our popular designs include Mr & Mrs, His & Hers, Bride & Groom, In love, His and Her Monograms, and large range of funny designs that they will definitely appreciate. Purchase our wedding themed coasters along with a matching set of Wine, Champagne, Beer or Whiskey Glasses and you will have the perfect Wedding gift! One you personally see our coasters, we guarantee that you will purchase a set for your own personal use as well. In case you are looking for something specific, do get in touch with us.

Custom Made Coasters

Our coasters are made from MDF with a glossy surface that allows us to print on them permanently. We also offer shapes of round and square, and other materials such as glass. Each type of coaster has unique benefits, so that you can choose a set that works best for you. The MDF coasters are more lightweight and damage resistant, and the glass coasters are naturally more open to breakage if dropped. We have 50+ designs for you to choose from, and in the case that you are looking for something specific then we can create a custom made coaster especially for you as well. We can custom make any design so please do tell us exactly what you are looking for, as we can probably make that happen for you.

Custom Printed Coasters

Custom artwork and prints is our main business so please let us know if you want something special printed on our coasters. We have created quite a few themes, however if you would like to create something 100% custom, we can do that for you. The printing on our coasters is permanent, and the finish is glossy to ensure a fresh look for years to come. You are only limited by the size of coasters, so if you have ready artwork or if you would like for our artists to create a custom design we do work with the either. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Happy Shopping!