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Timely delivery, good quality product. Very happy to have chosen this
Really liked the service. They were very patient and completely fulfilled my needs. Also helped...

~Pinky Saha
its amazing n quality is also gud...
~mohita mittal
It was delivered in a very short span of time, which no other website will do.
Affordable and classy go hand in hand. We loved this idea and have ordered various other glasse...

It is one of the best gifts a couple could get. Personalised glasses are unique
~Madhulika Sharma
~Siddharth Garg
I am very glad for the prompt delivery you offered and super creative gift ideas.
Good delivery and product quality. I am happy with perfico
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Personalized Champagne Glasses

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Custom Champagne Glasses with Name or Custom Text

If you're looking for a memorable and unique Wedding or Anniversary Gift for your favourite couple or Newlyweds, then you've come to the right place (ahem, Page). Our personalized Champagne Glasses and Flutes are a one-of-kind Gift that will always be remembered. Permanently etched and engraved, these Glasses will last a lifetime. We have 60+ Themes based on the Occasion ranging from Classic and sophisticated Monograms to Fancy and Elegant Designs.

Looking for something specific? Please ask, and we will do our best to help.

Wedding Champagne Glasses

We all love to Gift things at Weddings or for Anniversaries that we feel will be appreciated, remembered, and more importantly used by the Couple. Our Wedding Champagne Glasses are that perfect fit. All of our personalized Wedding Champagne Glasses are made from high quality Glass and are etched with fine and intricate designs which are then customized and etched with the name or initial of the Couple. Some of our design themes for Wedding include:

• Mr and Mrs, Bride & Groom,
• In love (which has the word LOVE etched across 2 different Glasses),
• Happy Anniversary,
• Better Together),
• Moustache and Lips,
• The King and Queen,
• His and Hers,

Wait.. We're not done yet. We realize that sometimes our customers like to present Gifts that have a bit of levity, so we took the liberty to create some jovial and funny Champagne Glasses as well. They include:

• I love you, I know
• I stole her Heart
• Two Hearts (with hearts flying across from one wine Glass to the next)
• Hello Handsome, Hello Beautiful
• He's my Dude, She's my Chic
• I am a Catch, I am a Keeper
• I do, I do what She says

So if you're looking for the perfect gift, our Wedding Champagne Glasses are a wonderful Option.

Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses

Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses are always a good gifting option for newlyweds at their Wedding. We have taken it a bit further we think. We personalize them! That's right. Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses which are etched with the Names of the lucky couple, along with their Wedding Date. What a wonderful Keepsake for their awesome day. We're not done. We not only created 1 design, but we created THREE unique designs with the Bride and Groom theme.

• Bride and Groom
This design incorporates both their Names written together with an ampersand alongside. There is room for the Wedding date underneath. This design is a customer favourite.

•  Bride and Groom II
A classic design with focus on the words "Bride" and "Groom". The etching is crafty and sophisticated with an intricate floral center and their names on the respective glasses. This design looks absolutely fantastic. All of our designs are created by us, so you can be assured that your Gift will truly be a one of kind keepsake for the Newlyweds.

•  Bride and Groom III
This is another design that focuses on the name of the Couple. We intended to create a design that could be given as a Wedding Gift, or as an Anniversary Gift as well. The Wedding or Anniversary daet is etched below the names on both Glasses.

Go on, pick your favourite Wedding glasses for the Bride and Groom, provide us with their Names and Wedding Date, and we will take care of the rest.

Champagne Glass Name

Champagne Glasses are traditionally used on special occasions when there is a reason to 'pop' the 'bubbly'. We have designed our Glasses so that those special moments are further heightened with Champagne Glasses that are decorated with custom designs and are personalized with the Name or Initial of the celebrating party. We have over 60 designs for our Champagne Glasses with the Name or Initial as part of the overall intricate or sophisticated design. Our Glasses are made from high quality Glass, and the etching of the Name is not only gorgeous to look at, but permanent and dishwasher safe. They have been made to be used, stored, and showcased in your Bar. Pick your favourite design, and provide us with the Names. We will take care of the rest!

Engraved Champagne Flutes

Engraved Champagne flutes have been a wonderful keepsake for years, across the Globe. We started our collection of personalized Champagne Glasses about 4 years ago, and our customers simply loved them! Our Glasses were a bit different however. Thanks to technological advancements in decoration techniques, we were able to etch these Glasses. Etching allowed us to create more intricate designs, and the end result was simply gorgeous. The process of laser engraving usually leaves a rough feel, and sometimes can weaken the integrity of the Glass. Etching allowed us to make finer designs, and the end result is a beautiful Champagne flute with a design that looks sophisticated, and is silky and smooth to the touch. Our personalized Champagne Flutes are wonderful keepsake, and a unique option as a Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary Gift.

Custom Champagne Flutes

We have created 60+ unique themes for our custom Champagne Flutes. However, if you are looking to further customize one of our designs, or create of your own design we will be glad to help you with that request. All you need to do is to provide us with a reference image or link, and we will try to create something as similar as possible. Please do note however that etching is fine process and some elements may need to be modified in order to make the etching or engraving as beautiful as possible.

Happy Shopping!