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Reviews For Personalized Business Card Holders
I am surprised to get my card holder on time and quality or printing on m my is very good. Very...

~Naveen Sharma
The product is good and received the same as shown in the picture and delivery is very fast. Lo...

~Swati Singh
Good product
~DrSheetal Bhangre
I bought the card holder as a gift for my brother and he was thrilled to receive this! The best...

~Dhvni Shah
Amazing product
~apoorva babar
It looks really nice. I am ordering from your site for the first time.
~Prathima Kamath
Print was okay
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Personalized Business Card Holders

Our Business Card holders are truly one-of-a-kind. They are practical to use, easy to carry around, and are made from very high quality faux Leather and other materials. Each Holder can conveniently fit up to 50 business cards. We have designs for Men as well as Women. If you have a specific design in mind, we would be happy to help you create your own custom card holder.
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Custom Card Holders with Name and Initial

If you were in search of a custom Card Holders, then you have come to the right place. We have put a lot of thought in the design and functionality of our personalized visiting card holders. Made from premium faux Leather, our carrying cases have enough room for your Business Cards, as well as upto 3 credit cards. We have designs that are classy, fancy, cool, stylish, and unique. Most of them have Monograms which include your Name or Initial. Alternatively, you can also provide us with your own design or Logo. We have a few options to upload and print your photo too. They are a great corporate or promotional gift option. We have wonderful design options for personalized Business card Holders for Men and Women as well.

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Personalised Card Holder

Business card holders are an essential accessory for any business person especially if your work involves you venturing out an meeting with clients or prospects. Men and women often underestimate the importance of leaving a positive impact when you first introduce yourself to a new client or prospect. As they say the first impression is the most important one, and if you take out your visiting or business card from your pocket which has been or stained, you can imaging the first impression you are leaving. Using a business or visiting card holder is essential, and we are here help you take that impression to the next level with our range of personalised card holders! Most people that use card holders, end up using holders that are plain and non impressive. By using one of our personalized card holders, you can not only introduce yourself with a bit of style, but it also shines a light on your name or logo that is imprinted on the card holder. Anyone that puts in so much effort in presenting themselves properly will surely take the appropriate steps to take of their business. Voila! We have a large range of premium personalized card holders that can not only hold a large number of visiting cards, but will also allow to store your credit card, and an ID if required. This way you really don't need to stuff your Jacket or Pant pockets with unnecessary and additional accessories like your wallet.

Visiting Card Holder with Name

Our personalized visiting card holders are made to showcase your name and logo. We understand the importance of looks, and have therefore developed 30+ designs of our visiting cards holders made from premium faux leather that show your name or logo. We have designs specific for Men and women alike, and you are sure to find that appeals to you the most. For women, we have some classic, pretty, or floral designs. For men we have classy, simple and impactful designs that include your name. We have even created a handful of monogram styles that will showcase your name and initial. If you are looking for a specific design, please do get in touch with us and we can help you create that perfect visiting card holder engraved with your name and custom design.

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