Did you know that there is a 33% chance that your Gifts are NOT being appreciated?


That may not sound like a lot, but if you think about it that means that ONE out of every THREE Gifts that you give are not being liked by the Recipient.

Being a Gift Retailer, we were very curious so we did a bit of research and found a survey conducted by a leading U.S Retailer (Gifts.com) that included over 2,000 people aged 24-65 that helps answer that question.



What are the most common reasons?


The common thread amongst all the reasons was that the Gift did not feel meaningful enough!  It makes sense.  Most people can easily tell if adequate thought and effort was put into finding their Gift. 


People want to feel special.  The gift should convey that emotion. You can't control size issues, or if they have something similar.  However, you can certainly put in the thought and effort to find something that really makes them feel special!



So then what makes for a GOOD gift?

Quite interesting isn't it?  It's the same! People loved their Gifts if they felt that they were meaningful, made just for them, or surprising.  Funny and extravagant gifts are always hit as well.


In order to confirm these findings, we took a look at our own best-selling category of Personalized Glasses.   We analyzed hundreds of Customer Reviews to see if we noticed a similar pattern. 



Some of the comments we received:

“I gifted this to my husband on his birthday and he loved it.”

“It was a part of perfect wedding gift. I loved the quality of glasses. And written on them”

“I had bought it as an Anniversary gift.. The couple loved it.. Thank you Perfico..”

“Our friend was thrilled with the product! Thank you Perfico!”

“It was just brilliant!! The newly weds loved it!!”

“Bought this as a gift for my sister in law and she just loved it...”

“My friend loved the gift.”

“The gift was for my friends and they loved all of them.”


So, why were these Glasses so well-received? 

• They were practical.
• They were personalized 
• They had Meaningful text or quotes

It's almost always about making the Gift memorable, and the best way to do that is to put in the effort to find something that resonates with personality of the Recipient.


Hope you enjoyed this post. 

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We wish you the best in choosing your next Gift for your Friends & Family!


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