Ever wondered if your Gifts are being appreciated?


You’re not alone.  We have been creating Gifts for customers for almost a decade, and you may share the same concerns as countless others.  This is why decided to write this post. We wanted to shed some light on the realities of common gifting mistakes, and also provide some helpful and usable advice.

Did you know that there is almost a 30% chance that the Gifts you select for others are not being liked or appreciated?  You read that correct.  There is a 1:3 chance that you picked the wrong gift.

We did a bit of research and found a survey conducted by a leading U.S Retailer (Gifts.com) that included over 2,000 people aged 24-65 that helps answer that question.

So let’s begin with the obvious question.

What are the most common reasons a Gift may not be liked?


75% of Respondents stated that:

  • they didn’t have a use for it
  • not enough thought & effort
  • it didn’t fit their style

    Not that surprising is it?  It’s quite logical actually.  People can easily tell if someone has put enough effort especially in matching a Gift and its usability and overall style with the person receiving the gift.

    Now that we know the reasons behind someone not liking their Gift.

    What is considered a GOOD gift?

    72% of respondents LIKED their gifts because:

  • It was meaningful
  • It was surprising
  • Made just for them.

    Quite interesting isn't it?  The answers are pretty much the same as before!

    In order to confirm these findings, we took a look at our own most-loved product EVER... our personalized Glasses.  We analyzed hundreds of Reviews & Feedback to see if we noticed a similar pattern. 

    Our customers have used these Glasses as Anniversary and Birthday Presents over the years, and we were curious how well they were received and to understand the reasons why they were so popular?



    Here are some of the comments we received:

    “I gifted this to my husband on his birthday and he loved it.”

    “It was a part of perfect wedding gift. I loved the quality of glasses. And written on them”

    “I had bought it as an Anniversary gift.. The couple loved it.. Thank you Perfico..”

    “Our friend was thrilled with the product! Thank you Perfico!”

    “It was just brilliant!! The newly weds loved it!!”

    “Bought this as a gift for my sister in law and she just loved it...”

    “My friend loved the gift.”

    “The gift was for my friends and they loved all of them.”


    The Glasses were popular for the same reasons!

  • They are practical. (Usability)
  • They are unique. (Effort)
  • Meaningful words (Personal)
  • Personalized (Made for them)

    It's almost always about making the Gift memorable.  Because Glasses are generally practical, and these were craft-fully etched with the Names and custom Text commemorating the Anniversary or Birthday, they became cherished, memorable and practical Gifts.

    We hope you found this post helpful.  Please feel free to share this insight 
    with your friends and family so that everyone can become better gift givers.

    That said, we really want you to keep us a secret! 

    We say this because our Gifts, especially our personalized Glasses are gifts that can be given on almost any occasion to pretty much anyone in your circle of Friends and Family.  So let it be a surprise! ;)

    We wish you the very best in choosing your next Gift for your Friends & Family.

    If you are searching for Gifts, do take a peek at our collection of Anniversary & Wedding Gifts, or Gifts for Him and Her.

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