Customized Passport Covers

Our customized passport covers have been a customer favourite for long time. They were designed with the Traveller in mind, and are practical to use with enough space for all your travel document essentials. Our personalised passport covers are available for Men, Women, Kids and Couples, and we offer matching Luggage Tags as well."

Customized Passport Covers Online in India

Customized and personalised passport covers are quite popular nowadays, and for very good reason. These covers let you express yourself during your exciting journeys and travels. After all, your passport is with you for your entire journey, so you might as well have it stand out and fit your wonderful personality. The options of customizations are endless and you are sure to find one that you absolutely love. In addition to cloth and faux leather, you will be able to get your hands on genuine customized leather passport covers as well."

Types of Customized Passport Covers

There are quite a few types of customizable passport covers available in the market. The difference between them is mostly in the materials used in the cover, or the method of customization that will allow to you print or engrave your name on the front of the cover. The good news is that if you are indeed looking to purchase a passport cover online in India nowadays, you do not have to settle for plain and boring covers anymore. Some of the different types include:

- Custom leather passport holders.
- Custom faux-leather passport holders.
- Passport covers with charms and the name embossed on the leather.
- Passport covers with designs and names printed on the front.
- Passport covers with foil printing.


Reason to Choose Customized Passport Covers Online

Simply put, the variety of customised passport covers available online is amazing. There are many styles of passport cases in India, and you should know your options before you finalize your purchase decision. Please take note of the many options available, along with steps outlined below to ensure that your purchase matches your requirements perfectly.

- Style - Passport Covers and Passport Holders: As the name suggests, passport covers usually only hold the outer covers of the passport in order to provide protection. Passport holders on the other hand will provide protection for your passport along with a few pockets to store important cards and documents.

- Size – Small and Large: If you are looking to store a large number of cards, e-tickets then we suggest opting for a large size passport holder. If convenience is more important then you should opt for the smaller size.

- Number Of Passports: Most covers will hold a single passport. However if you are looking for passport covers for a couple or a family, there are larger sizes available to satisfy that requirement.

- Material – Leather And Faux-Leather: In the case you have a higher budget allows you should opt for genuine leather passport holders. If you are price sensitive, faux-leather holders will be a very appropriate option.

- Type of Personalization - Embossing or Printing: If you are in search of a travel, funny or custom theme to decorate on your passport, we suggest choosing printed passport covers. If simpler designs such as charms are more your style, then we suggests opting for embossed covers. Both options are commonly available.


Gift a Customised Passport Holder To Your Loved Ones

It is important that your gift is appreciated and, your gift will be appreciated if it meets the following criteria:

- The gift reflects and showcases the effort that has been invested in the process.
- There is practical value for the person receiving the gift.
- The gift closely matches the Recipient’s personality or style quotient.

Looking at the points above it is clear to see why customized passport holders are a very popular choice as a gift. They are practical products that will be used for years. They also showcase the level of effort and care that has been invested in creating the perfect cover or holder. Additionally, with the number of options available it is very easy to pick a style or theme that fits the personality and overall style of the recipient."

Personalised Passport Covers For Couples

Passport covers for couples are usually available in 2 types. One is a single, larger cover that will hold two passports. The other is a matching set wherein you can get individual names printed on each. You will find a large variety of designs amongst both these options."

Customized Passport Covers for Travellers

Gifting wisdom states that products should match the interest of the recipient. Therefore, customized passport covers are an absolutely wonderful gift choice for Travellers. In addition to the practicality of the product, you can also include inspirational travel quotes to encourage and support their travels as well."

Personalized Passport Covers for Him

Most men appreciate practical gifts. For this reason personalized passport covers for him are good gifting choice. They are very practical, and it becomes easy to match his personality by selecting a theme that matches his interests. Sports, Travel or inspirational quotes are good options of themes to choose amongst."

Customized Passport Covers for Her

Style is super important when selecting fancy passport covers for her. Instead of browsing through the colour palette, why not choose designs and themes that match her personality! If you are confident about her style choices, then channel it to look for something she will proudly use."

Personalised Passport Covers for Boys

Kids are travelling increasingly more every year. So, it is only natural that you help them protect their passport when they are beginning their travel adventures. You can usually find quite a few themes that are appropriate as passport holders made especially for boys."

Personalised Passport Covers for Girls

When choosing passport covers online for girls, you can play it safe by limiting your choicesto styles and designs made for women. However you can also find specific designs that were especially for girls. Further personalizing that cover with her name will add a wonderful touch to the gift."

Why Should You Buy Personalised Passport Cover From Perfico?

We have quite a large range of passport covers, and have been selling them for a quite a few years. Our designs and functionality of our passport covers has evolved quite a bit over the years as we take quite a bit of feedback from our wonderful customers and keep improving the covers so that they become more practical every year. Some of the most popular reasons why our customers love our covers are shown below:

- A large selection of ready to print themes and designs
- Unique and original designs
- Several material choices such as Leather and faux Leather
- Both Small and Large sizes are easily available
- High quality materials are used
- Most orders dispatched within 24 Hours
- An amazing customer support staff to help you along the way
- All orders are backed by a very customer-friendly return policy


What is the Best Personalized Passport Holder for Travellers?

Simply put, your optimal passport holder should be easy to hold; tough to withstand wear and tear; and have enough pockets to hold all the important documents that usually need when traveling. The advantage of our customized passport holder is that in addition to all the things mentioned above we can also print amazing themes and personalize each one so you have your perfect custom passport holder. The best part is that we can dispatch your Passport Holder within 24 Hours.

What is the Best Leather Passport Cover Online?

The best leather passport covers are those made from faux Leather. Why do we recommend that? Well, you can purchase a high quality faux leather passport cover for half the price of a leather passport cover. Additionally, leather passport holders cannot be customized as well as faux leather ones can. If you are searching for a unique and interesting passport holder, we recommend that you look at both Leather and faux Leather and then decide which option suits you best.

How Much Should I Spend On Passport Cover?

The quick and easy answer is that you can buy a good quality personalized passport cover for way under one thousand Rupees. You can find an even cheaper passport cover online, but we don’t recommend those as quality of materials used may be an issue. If you are looking for a good quality, long lasting passport cover in India that will look great, and last you a long time then a budget of INR 500 – INR 1,000 should be fine. Our personalized passport covers range from INR 600 to INR 900 at the time of writing this answer.

What is the best Couple Passport Covers Online?

The best couple passport covers are those that enable both him and her to securely store their passport as well as let them express their unique style and personality. We have done just that with our collection of our Couple Passport Holders. You can purchase the passport cover online, and customize each with a design that is relevant to both of them. We have also created specific His and Her designs so that each one feels like a part of a set but with custom differences between them. If you are looking for a couple passport cover in India we recommend browsing our collection as we have specific designs for our Indian customers.

How Do I Track My Passport Cover Online at Perfico?

Once you have placed your order for your passport covers online, we will send you a preview for approval prior to completing your order. This is not done by default so please do make that request via email soon after ordering. We try our best to dispatch all orders within 24 hours. We are the fastest service providers of passport covers in India. Once the order has been dispatched you will receive an email with the Courier Tracking information. The process is quick and simple. If you are looking to purchase a passport cover online in India we suggest that you give us a try. We think you will be delighted.

How to order Customized Passport Cover Online at Perfico?

We have tried our best to make the process of ordering customized passport covers easy and enjoyable. We offer 80+ designs of passport covers online, and each one can be personalized. Once you have selected your design, you simply have to input the desired name and initials in the relevant text boxes, and you are done. If you have requested a preview, we will send that to you shortly and once approved we will try our best to dispatch your passport cover in India within 24 hours. It will then take 2-4 days to reach the final destination.

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