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Custom Stickers

We make custom stickers for Kids that are practical as well as beautiful. The reason for the recent popularity of personalized and custom stickers is that it makes life a lot easier for Parents. Kids keep leaving their belongings lying about at home and even School. By using these custom stickers it helps get those items back home. Parents as well as Teachers both absolutely love them!"

Make your own Stickers

In addition to the wide range of designs shown above, you also have the ability to make your own stickers. It’s quite easy and straightforward. Simply send us an email with you requirements. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We can provide you with a preview of your Order, and your Order will be completed within a few days following your approval."

Personal Stickers

Personal stickers are super practical and extremely fun to use. These stickers can be placed on almost any plastic or glass surface. The prints are water proof and the adhesive is very strong. Unless you purposely try and scratch the surface, they should remain placed in position for a very long time. In the case that one does come off, not to worry we have included quite a few name stickers in your Order. Based on the design we can include your first and last name on your personal sticker."

Sticker Labels

If you are going to label something, you may as well use a sticker label. There is no need to search for a marker and write your name on tiny stickers anymore. Technologies have changed dramatically over the years. Labels can be designed with a custom theme just for you, and they can also be cut in almost any size and shape. The papers last for a very long with adhesive the refused to wear off. Additionally, the printing process that is used prevents the colours to run even after wet. Sticker labels are the way to go nowadays, especially with the low cost prices being offered by us."

Childrens Labels

The biggest single use of sticker labels is Children’s labels. This is by far the most popular use of this new technology. We have 20+ unique designs in a myriad of shapes and sizes so that they are practical to use in a large range of items. These labels will stay on for a long time, and are water proof as well. We have a large variety of design themes available for our Name stickers for kids, and if you are looking for something specific we can most probably create one for you. Most orders are dispatched within a few days of finalizing your Order."

Name Labels

Name Labels are cool. Especially when you decorate them with a theme that fits the interest of the Child. Their belongings change quite frequently, so we give many stickers with every order so that your name label requirement of the year is well taken care of. Based on the specific you can choose to print your child’s first and/or last name. We can customize the theme and colours if you wish as well. These name labels are available in several sizes and shapes."

Name Sticker Online

The days of running about town are over as you can now easily order your Name stickers online with us. We have a large collection of Theme especially designed for Kids. These name stickers for kids can be ordered on here, and we will dispatch your Order within a few days. Although we offer quite a few different sizes and shapes, we can custom create a theme, shape and size for you as well. Simply send us an email or chat request, and we will very glad to help. Happy Shopping!"

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