Personalized Gifts for Kids

Our collection of personalized gifts for Kids includes high quality products that will be appropriate for quite a large range of ages. We have created designs and themes for both Boys and Girls. Our gifts for kids are all personalized so that they can appreciate the gift even more. Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours, and we can create a custom theme for you as well.

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Up in Space © Personalized Passport Cover and Holder

Sized 5.7” x 4.3” (inches) Fits perfectly in the Hand Smart Looks Easily holds Thick Passports Fits up to 4 credit cards Made from premium Faux Leather Permanent printing on...
Rs. 749.00

Up in Space © Personalized Pencil Case.

Sized approx 8.5” x 4.5” (inches) Velcro tabs for easy use Two zipper Pockets Fits Pencils, Pens and Crayons Durable premium Fabric Vibrant print Quality
Rs. 499.00

Up in the Clouds © Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper - 20 Sheets

Set includes TWENTY Sheets Premium Quality Paper Each Sheet is sized 12” x 18” (inches) 100 GSM (Strong, Easy to Fold) Vibrant Prints & Colours Unique & Personalized Designs
Rs. 899.00

Varsity © Personalized Round Wall Clock

Sized 10” in Diameter High Quality Movement Glass Front Easy to clean Runs on AA Battery (not included)    
Rs. 999.00

With Love © Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper - 20 Sheets

Set includes TWENTY Sheets Premium Quality Paper Each Sheet is sized 12” x 18” (inches) 100 GSM (Strong, Easy to Fold) Vibrant Prints & Colours Unique & Personalized Designs
Rs. 899.00

Wonders of the Sea © Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper - 20 Sheets

Set includes TWENTY Sheets Premium Quality Paper Each Sheet is sized 12” x 18” (inches) 100 GSM (Strong, Easy to Fold) Vibrant Prints & Colours Unique & Personalized Designs
Rs. 899.00

Work and Play © Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper - 20 Sheets

Set includes TWENTY Sheets Premium Quality Paper Each Sheet is sized 12” x 18” (inches) 100 GSM (Strong, Easy to Fold) Vibrant Prints & Colours Unique & Personalized Designs
Rs. 899.00

Send Best Gifts for Kids & Infants Online to India

Birth of a child in the family is a beautiful moment not only for the new parents but also for all the family members. Celebrations begin much before the bundle of joy actually arrives. From baby shower to the welcome of the newborn, family, friends, and relatives everyone is in a mood to celebrate and gifting is an integral part of it. But sometimes selection of the right gift isn’t as easy as it looks. With an exclusive range of personalized baby products you’ll never be short of gift ideas for the newborns and infants. Just a moment – that’s not all we have for the tiny tots you want to surprise and make happy. Our exclusive range of personalised gifts for kids covers keepsakes, novelty products for their room, and kids mugs for the little ones between 2 and 6 years of age. For the little grown-ups between 6-14, we have an excellent selection of school essentials, name stickers, bag tags, wallets, flip flops, puzzles, and more.

Unique Gift Ideas for Kids for Any Kind of Special Occasion

Selection of unique gifts for kids is not as easy as many believe. The tiny tots have their own preferences and, therefore, it is not necessary that what you choose for them will match their tastes. At Perfico, we spend time researching and surveying the latest market trends among parents and people who shop gifts for the little ones in their family and friends. These gifts are handpicked bearing in mind the cute psychology of these little saplings in the families.We bring the most likeable and innovative gift ideas for kids under the same roof. With personalised gifts for kids, we help you customize the gifts as per the choices and preferences of the one you are shopping gifts for. You may further narrow down your search by bestselling gifts, names, prices, or date. From personalised wallets for girls, personalised hand towels for boys, and cool & pretty water bottles to personalised piggy bank for the little bankers in your family, there is no dearth of personalised gift ideas for kids here.

Birthday Gifts For Kids

So, it’s the birthday of the little champ in your family and you don’t want to make the mistake of choosing the same gift as someone from amongst the guest also brought? You want to ensure the birthday gift for the kid boy or girl is unique and something no one else could even think of. Then, be sure and happy cos you are at just the right place. With unique birthday gifts ideas for kids available right here, you can never go wrong with your selection of the right birthday gifts for kids. Before you actually shop for a birthday gift for the kid girl or boy in your family, relation, or neighbourhood, remember each child has a unique personality and not all gifts are meant for every kid.

Gifts For Newborn Baby

Blessed with a cute prince or princess? Or, is it your friend or someone in the family who’s busy welcoming the soft, tiny feet, cotton soft palms, and super adorable face that just descended right from the heavens? What can be a better way to express your joy and share the happiness than to quickly buy some awesome gifts for newborn baby – whether that is your own or someone you know. We’ve got an adorable collection of gifts for newborn baby boys and girls, so you don’t have to struggle to hard to find one. Remember, useful gifts are better than just pretty things you gift and you should bear the cuteness and usefulness in mind while you search for the gifts for newborn baby girl or boy.

Gifts For Kids On Festival

Festivals are loved by all. For kids, festivals are most awaited. Excitement is at peak whenever a festival is there and kids are so pure and innocent that you can literally see the sparkle in their eyes on the very discussion of gifts you are planning to buy for them. Remember, when choosing a gift for the little ones in your family that their participation in the selection is equally important. So, why not have the kids in your family sit beside you as you add the items to the cart? Not sure what all options you’ll find?Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed here as Perfico brings the best personalised gifts for kids and our experts take time to add each to the collection.

What are some Safe Gifts for Kids in the age group of 0-5 years?

Infants and kids, between the age group of 0-5 years, need special care and attention. They are delicate, just out of the shell, and tender. So, when choosing gifts for them, make sure whatever you shop is safe for the tiny tots. They may swallow it. The material toys are made of may be substandard. There are so many concerns parents have when it comes to buying anything for the kids and we understand all those concerns. That is why, we offer personalised gifts for kids so you can customize your chosen gift as required. Depending on the age and preference of the child in your family for whom you are looking for a suitable gift, you can take your pick from our extensive collection of children’s personalised gifts.

What are Some Safe Gifts For Kids In The Age Group of 5-10 years?

Kids above 5 years of age and below 10 are usually a bit choosy and selective in whatever they eat, do, and like or dislike. And why not? They have all the rights to exercise their choices and assert what they want and what not! The age group of 5-10 years comprises of smarter kids who won’t accept anything you gift them. So, be cautious and spend some good time researching and knowing their preferences before you start shopping. At Perfico, we help you find the personalized gifts for kids in this age group without having to work hard for it. All you need to do is explore the options and sort them to find children’s personalised gifts in just a few mouse clicks or taps on your smartphone’s screen.


What is the best gift for a kids Birthday?

Personalized gifts for kids have become popular in the recent past because children love gifts with their names on it. The good news is that you can easily find quite a large range of unique personalized gifts for kids. These customized gifts for kids are practical and usable products that are decorated with relevant themes, and include their names on the product itself.

What is the best gift for School Students?

When looking for personalized gifts for kids, it is a great idea to find products that they can use in school. Such products can include backpacks, pencil cases, pencils, lunch boxes and school bag tags to name a few. The wonderful thing about customized gifts for kids is that all of these products will be personalized with their name. Finding unique personalized gifts for kids has never been more fun!

How much do you spend on a birthday gift for a Child?

That’s a tough one. The ideal budget will change based on your relationship with the child. The great feature about personalized gifts for kids is that most of these products are not expensive, so if you are looking for pocket friendly options, then customized gifts for kids is a great one. Without spending too much you can find some really unique personalized gifts for kids.

What do you get a 4 year old for his Birthday?

It has become quite easy to find personalized gifts for kids within a certain age range. School backpacks, pencil cases and school bag tags would be great options as customized gifts for kids as they are practical and personalized with their name as well. At the age of 4 they can recognize their name in print so these unique personalized gifts are a great option.

What are good gifts for a 5 year old boy?

At the age of 5 he can now recognize or even write his name, so personalized gifts for kids is a wonderful option. There are quite a few themes available for customized gifts for kids. Pick one that matches his personality or interest the most. Some unique personalized gifts for kids include pencil cases, school bag tags and water bottles.

How to order gifts for kids online at Perfico?

We have quite a few products within our collection of personalized gifts for kids. One you have selected the best suited product, you can then select the most appropriate design for the child. Provide his name along with any custom text or message, and you can finalize your Order. We can even gift wrap your customized gift for kids if you so wish. Once placed, you order will take between 2 and 4 days to reach, based on your location.

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