Personalized Bath Towels

Our personalised Towels are made from super soft, highly absorbent, premium quality Cotton. They are brilliantly white, and will stay that way for a very long time! We have matching Hand Towels as well. Designs are available for Boys, Girls, Men, Women and Couples. Most orders are dispatched within 24 Hours."

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My Sunshine © Personalized Towel for Girlfriend

Rich cotton, with a soft touch Sized 150 cm x 70 cm Machine Washable Vibrant permanent printing  
Rs. 849.00

So Koolala © Personalized Towel for Girlfriend

Rich cotton, with a soft touch Sized 150 cm x 70 cm Machine Washable Vibrant permanent printing  
Rs. 849.00

You are Hot © Personalized Towel for Girlfriend

Rich cotton, with a soft touch Sized 150 cm x 70 cm Machine Washable Vibrant permanent printing  
Rs. 849.00

You make me Hap-pea © Personalized Towel for Girlfriend

Rich cotton, with a soft touch Sized 150 cm x 70 cm Machine Washable Vibrant permanent printing  
Rs. 849.00

Custom Bath Towels with Name, Monogram, Photo or Text

Uniquely designed and generously sized our personalized Bath Towels, are a good option for a memorable and one of a kind gift. We have a collection of designs for Men, Women, Couples and Kids as well. These Towels are soft and sturdy as well, and can be used in the Bathroom, Gym, Pool or Beach. The printing is permanent, and the design prints will last forever. Wonderful option as Birthday Return Presents with some very cute designs for Boys and Girls.

They are also a great option as a Wedding or Anniversary Gift with our His and Her or Mr and Mrs designs. We have matching Hand Towels for most designs as well. These Towels can be used as Promotional gifts as well as we can print your Logo as required."

Personalised Towels

Decorative Towels have been around for ages. They definitely add some style in your Bathroom for yourself or the in the Powder room for Guests. Ever since personalised towels were ready available especially online, most buyers would get their Monograms engraved on them in along with a stylish crest of design. Now, with the introduction of new printing technologies, pretty much anything that you can think of is possible to print on the Towel. We definitely took advantage of this opportunity when we created our range of personalised towels. We have created a large range of designs for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Couples as well. Our customers commonly buy our custom towels a birthday gift, anniversary or wedding gift, or then as birthday return party gifts for their kid's birthday. We are able to further customize one of our existing designs, or we can even create one especially for you. Once the design is confirmed by you, it takes us about 24 hours to be able to dispatch your Order.'

Printed Towels

We prefer printed towels over embroidered towel because printed towels allow us to create some really intricate, sophisticated, unique and fun designs. With all the colours of palette at our disposal we have created some really relevant and unique designs for men and women alike. We use very high quality material for our Towels, and only the best material for the printing process. This results in a printed towel that is absorbent, soft to the touch with personalized printing that will last you for years. Additionally, our printed towels are machine-washable so you don't have to worry about getting them dirty, or the fading of colour. The printing will still look new a year down line. The colours are vibrant, and the printing is extremely sharp."

Customised Towels

Our customized towels are made for both Bath as well as Hand. The bath towels are made from soft, absorbent material and are generously sized at about 150 cm x 70 cm. The personalized section is on the border at the bottom of the Towel. Our Bath towels are made from similar premium fabric and are sized 76 cm x 40 cm. We very often have matching designs between both different types of customised Towels. Looking for a specific use, or size? Do let us know, we would be glad to help you with your requirement."

Photo Towel

Upload and print your photo on our personalized Towels. In addition to printing your photo, we also analyze the photograph for colours in order to match elements in the background or text so that your photo Towel looks as perfect as possible. For most orders and customers, we usually print your photo on both the left and right corners of the Towel, and leave room in the middle for a custom quote, name or custom text. The frame of your photograph as well as the custom text in the middle is customizable in your Photo towel. In the case that there is a quality issue with your photograph, we will get in touch in you to let you know so that you can submit another photograph in its place. The printing on our photo towels is very sharp and permanent."

Towels With Names

Towels with Names are cool. Our range of personalized towels are available with your Name, Initial, Monogram, Quote or all of the above. We have created quite a few themes based on your personality and age, and even more styles of monogram that may have your name, initial or both. We can even create a custom monogram for your personalized towel. In addition to being a unique and one-of-a-kind gift, towels with names are extremely practical. Hand towels with names are great for powder rooms during parties where you can display your own crest or monogram in your powder room. They are also good for pool, gyms and schools where it is becomes advantageous to have a towel with your name on it as it becomes easy to find, and hard for it get switched with someone else's towel by mistake."

Personalised Towels Online

Personalised towels until a few year ago were only available through select offline stores. However, nowadays you can view 50+ of our designs online, you can even customize your own design and create your own Towel within minutes. We try to dispatch every Order within 24 hours, so ideally you could have our own towel personalised online, and dispatched out to you the very day. We offer both Bath and Hand towels as well."

Monogrammed Towels

We have a very large range of monogrammed towels. Our monogrammed towels are printed with high quality inks, and will look vibrant for years to come. We have also created quite a few styles of monograms that you can select from based on your gender and personality. We currently offer several styles such a circle monograms, oval monograms, classic style, monograms with crest. If you are looking for something very specific, do get in touch as we can create a special monogram for you so that we dispatch the perfect monogrammed towel to you. If you prefer we can even send you a preview so that you can make changes and edit prior to us completing your Order."


Why personalized Towels online are the best?

Purchasing personalised towels online has become extremely convenient. The biggest advantage of customized towels is that you can place any design that you wish, and personalize it with the name of the person. The collection of ready to print designs is quite large so you don’t have to do a lot of work in creating one of your own. If you do wish you create personalized towels in India with your own custom design that is very easily possible as well.

How much does a Personalized Towel Cost?

Personalised towels in India can be purchased anywhere between Rs. 500 -1000. The cost of your personalised towel will vary upon the size and quality of the Towel, along with the level of customization that you wish to be made on the item. The most efficient method would be to choose a ready to print design of a customized towel with name. Many sites will have quite a range of designs available based on the recipient and occasion as well.

Which is the best personalized Towel for a Married Couple?

Personalized Towels for Couples is a wonderful choice of gift for a Wedding or Anniversary. It is not only a unique option, but customizing it with the names of the couple makes that much more special. There are quite a few options available of personalised towels online in India. You will also find ample designs of personalized towel sets that are related to Anniversaries or Weddings. These sets are made from high quality material and the printing and packaging is perfect for those occasions.

Are personalized Bath Towels expensive for a wedding Couple?

Not really. If you consider the cost of producing a customized towel, and the perceived value of the gift to the wedding couple, the overall expense is not high at all. This applies not only to sets for wedding couples, but also if you wanted to create personalised towels with photo, or make your own set of gift towels for girls. The finished product is quite inexpensive considering the perceived value of the gift.

What is the best Towel Set for a Wedding Gift?

You can find quite a large collection of towel sets for wedding gift in India. The most popular designs include Honeymoon, Mr & Mrs, His & Hers, King and Queen and In Love. These are all designed with the Wedding couple in mind. They are all personalized bath towel with the names of the couple. These customized towel sets includes 2 Towels and can be ready to dispatch with 24-48 hours. A customized bath towel set is a wonderful choice of wedding gift.

Which is the best Personalized Towel for Kids?

Kids love things with their names on it. This is reason that personalised towels for kids are super popular nowadays. Personalised kids towels are available in large number of designs. Some of the popular ones will include Polka and Unicorn themes for Girls, and Sport or Car themes for Boys. These are all monogrammed towels, or have their names printed on it. You can even find super cute personalised baby Towels as well.

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