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Amazing and Unique Return Gift Ideas for Every Celebration

By Nikita Kalra - 2019-10-05 - Comments

Return Gift Ideas

Gifts given to guests at the end of an event are termed return gifts or return presents. Very commonly you see this happening in Children’s parties or lavish Weddings.

We are here to let you know those return gift ideas are not limited to the events mentioned above anymore. Thanks to creative online companies you can find the best return gift ideas for almost any celebration.

Why are Return Gifts Important to Family?

Return gifts are a very subtle way of thanking the family members or guests for taking the time from their busy schedules and making the effort to become a part of your celebration.

This is all the more important in the case of a wedding that lasts a few days, or if it is a destination event like a 40th birthday, engagement party, baby announcement, etc. It’s a nice, simple and sophisticated way of saying thanks to the guests and leaving them with a keepsake that will help them remember this important day. Return gifts ideas that are mentioned here all the more relevant for family members that may have helped you organise the event, or made additional effort during the event itself. The return gifts are ones that are commensurate to the relationship or effort invested by that family member towards your important day.

Checklist for Selecting the Best Return Gifts Ideas

Best return gifts ideas are those can impress adults, kids and that matter to your guest. If your event is a big one or a personal one you should definitely invest some effort up front in preparing your checklist for the best return gifts.

We all know that guests are added last minute, so are the “no shows” so instances like this will ensure that you are covered regardless of the changes that may arise. Don’t worry we have some tips to help you with the checklist for best return gifts.

The Return Gifts should Match the Occasion

This is a no-brainer but you will be surprised about how many people do not put enough effort to make that the gifts are super relevant for the occasion.

  • Return gifts ideas for wedding should be themed appropriately. The same goes for birthday party return gift ideas.
  • The size of the gift is not as important as the relevance to the occasion. For example, return gift ideas for birthday party should reflect the age, gender, seasonality, and practicality of the gift to the child and his or her friends.
  • It’s OK to be a bit unsure about the exact gift. There are many vendors that can advise you, and give you lots of options of return gift ideas for birthday party in India.


The Return Gift Ideas - should be Age Relevant

The one size fits all strategy is probably not a good one to adopt when deciding on your return gifts.

Return gift ideas for Kids

Return gift ideas for kids should be age appropriate. You are not looking for return gifts for kids, but are looking for gifts for kids which are the same age as your son or daughter.


Return gift ideas for Adults

Return gift ideas for adults may end up being across several ranges. There are enough options out there to ensure that regardless of age, you can present them with a gift that they will appreciate.


Give Return Gifts that Matter

You can choose to select from unique return gift ideas that will result in gifts that matter to your guests, or you can choose to do it for the sake of it. We strongly advise the former. There is nothing worse than having your guests leave the event with a gift that they feel did not involve true emotion or appreciation. Here are some questions to ask yourself before narrowing down your return gift ideas:

  • Does the Gift commemorate the Occasion?
  • Is the gift practical?
  • Is the gift age relevant?
  • Is the gift gender relevant?


Exclusive Return Gift Ideas for Wedding

As it relates to the family we think you should go all out and make return gifts that will be exclusive to them, and will really make them feel appreciated. Please remember that it is not money that will make or break your gift strategy. It’s the amount of thought and effort that matters in the end.

Here are some return gift ideas for wedding that we think you will appreciate.

Personalised Couple Mugs

These personalized Mugs are a very appropriate option for return gift ideas for wedding. The advantage of personalized gifts is that the couple will appreciate the fact there is something personal about this gift, and it also reflects the amount of time and effort in getting these made especially for them. Here are some additional details for these Mugs.

Return Gift Ideas for Wedding - Couple Mug

  • Set contains TWO Mugs
  • Unique Handles for Each
  • Vibrant permanent printing
  • High-quality Ceramic


Personalized Round Wall Clock

A personalized Wall Clock is another great option for return gift ideas for wedding. Clocks are personalized gifts that not only commemorate the occasion but also are very practical in nature. Rest assured these clocks will be hanging on their wall for years to come.

Best Return Gift Ideas for Wedding - Wall Clock

  • Sized 10” in Diameter
  • High-Quality Movement
  • Glass Front
  • Easy to clean
  • Silver or Gold color Frame


Personalized Passport Holder Set for Couples

A personalized passport cover is a great option if you are having a destination wedding. In addition to being one of the most unique return gift ideas for wedding, it can be used to invite the guests if you are having a destination wedding. Personalised gifts are always a good choice of gift.

Unique Return Gift Ideas for Wedding - Passport Holders

  • Set of TWO Passport Covers
  • Sized 5.7” x 4.3”
  • Fits perfectly in the Hand
  • Easily holds Thick Passports
  • Fits up to 4 ID/Credit cards.
  • Vibrant print on outer-most fabric Layer
  • Premium Faux Leather Cover


Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday of Kids

The process of finding return gift ideas for 1st birthday of kids can quite a fun and challenging affair at the same time. It’s a wonderful day for you and your child, and you really want his or her friends to remember this very special day.

We have put together some return gift ideas for kids 1st birthday that are unique, relevant and will fit almost every budget.

Personalized Water Bottles for Kids

Earlier in this post, we had mentioned the importance of relevance when finding return gift ideas for birthday party, and therefore water bottles for kids are very appropriate as one of the winning return gift ideas for kids .

Return Gift Ideas for Kids - Water Bottles

  • Sized approx 600 ml
  • Pull Tab as well as Screw Top
  • Key ring to attach to Bags
  • Easy fit in most School and Gym Bags
  • Vibrant print Quality


Personalized Towel for Kids

If you’re searching for return gift ideas for kids or for return gift ideas for 1st birthday, then you cannot go wrong with a personalized towel for kids. It’s a very age relevant, unique, personalized super practical gift to give any child. You can even further customize it match the theme of your party.

Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday - Towels for Kids

  • Rich cotton, with a soft touch
  • Sized 150 cm x 70 cm
  • Machine Washable
  • Vibrant permanent printing


Anniversary Return Gifts to Surprise your Family

If you want to really celebrate your anniversary and surprise all the members of your family then the definite way to do it is to give them surprise anniversary return gifts at the end.

Personalized Couple Mugs

These personalized couple mugs were made especially for couples. Each design is unique and is personalized with the names of the couple. You can even select a different design for each couple in your party. These are wonderful anniversary return gifts.

Anniversary Gift Ideas India - Couple Mug

  • Set contains TWO Mugs
  • Unique Handles for Each
  • Vibrant permanent printing
  • High-quality Ceramic


Personalized Whisky Glasses

Personalized whiskey glasses have become a very popular and highly demanded option as anniversary return gift ideas in India. The reason behind this is very simple. These glasses are very high quality and are beautifully etched and personalized with the names of the couple.


Unique Return Gift Ideas for Anniversary - Whisky Glasses

  • Set of TWO Glasses
  • Each sized 400ml
  • Old Fashioned Style
  • Premium Whiskey Glasses
  • High-Quality Etchwork


Personalized Towel Set for Couples

A personalized towel set for Couples is a great option as anniversary return gifts. Towels are generally a very practical gift, and if personalized with a custom theme and the names of the couple then they become a very cherished and appreciated gift for any couple.

Best Return Gift Ideas for Anniversary - Towels for Couples

  • Set of TWO Towels
  • Rich cotton, with a soft touch
  • Sized 150 cm x 70 cm
  • Machine Washable
  • Vibrant permanent printing


We hope that you find the perfect return gift for your special occasion. We have highlighted a few return gift ideas for kids, 1st birthday, adults, wedding & anniversary, and there are much more available if required. The time and effort that you invest in selecting the perfect return gift will go a long way even after the event.

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